Saturday, July 30, 2011


Now that we are literally in the final countdown for Baby #3's counting down has become quite bittersweet. Yes...I am sure it is in part to my raging hormones, but oh well.

We are at 14 days and, don't get me wrong....I am siked!!! But it also means, 14 days left of just me and my Zoe Zoo.

I have never been one to get worried about having enough love....or would I love this Baby as much as I do Zoe. Showering with love is not the problem...

And I have also never been one who only has wanted one child...I know that it is such a desire of my heart to have multiple children. I feel like giving Zoe a sibling is the best gift I can give to her. There is nothing I love more than my sisters and the relationships I share with them.

I am just so used to it being "Just the 2 of us". I love my days with Zoe more than anything. There is not one day I would want to spend with her...and my days not spent with her a few and far between. When Zach took Zoe to visit his parents, I was so torn because it was a weekend away from her...and I only had so many left with just her! Selfish, yes! But I didn't want her to go! Even though, in the end, she had a blast and I am so glad they went.

I am constantly in a battle of bittersweet. I think what is going to be hardest for me once the Baby arrives are the first few weeks. I am so beyond blessed and we will have plenty of help in this transition...but I know I am going to want to do everything myself (well, except the cooking). I don't want Zoe to feel like I am not there...and I want to be there!

Oh...I could go on and on....but the countdown continues....14 days to go!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

I know exactly what you are talking's so hard giving up one on one time with kids, even as teens. You're going to do just great at loving on those babies and anymore that arrive in the future! :)