Monday, July 11, 2011

35 Weeks

(This is My Preggo Self with Ms. Zoe at 34/35 weeks...I feel like my tummy was maybe smaller...but boy was I more swollen, especially in my face).

How Far Along: 35 Weeks...5 More....Wahooo!!!

Size of Baby: Baby #3 is over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds. Its kidneys are fully developed now, and its liver can process some waste products. Most of its basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

Weight Gain: +2...32lbs total

Maternity Clothes: Sticking to my dresses.

Gender: I am going to have a lot of apologizing to do if we have a little girl in 5 weeks! I have been daydreaming about a little boy...about his nursery and his name and all that goes with boys.

Don't forget to make your guesses at the Baby Pool!

Movement: Movement is slowing down because the room is just not there anymore. I feel a lot really low but on the top of my tummy...they are more punches that stick and then slowly fade back. I am feeling little feet in my right rib...sometimes they make me someone elbowed me in my side.

Sleep: Great week of Sleep. Some mornings I got up before Zoe on my own...I love being rested! The mornings after I worked were pretty rough, especially Friday morning when Zoe decided to wake up at 6:15...very random. Let's just was a Minnie in bed kind of morning. And I am not going to lie...having the bed to my self on Friday and Saturday night was wonderful! This preggo Mama needs her space!

Symptoms: I am really starting to retain water. I feel it most in my fingers and have seen it some in my legs. I think this weekend it was the most humid it has been all summer...this might have something to do with it too...or I might just be making excuses. Not a fan of swelling at all.

This week I am feeling pregnant...I mean REALLY feeling pregnant. I feel like my stomach tripled in size and everything got a lot harder. I waddle everywhere because it feels like there is a watermelon in my crotch. I can't see my feet...even when I lean way forward...but who wants to look at swollen feet anyway. Getting out of bed is quite humorous. And I have been SO thirsty! Drinking lots and lots of water these days....which leads to lots and lots of bathroom runs. I have had lots of menstrual cramps...never had these with Zoe...and even some cramping in my bottom (tailbone).

Best Moment of the Week:

I walked into the Living Room to find this....During my nesting weekend, I got all the baby stuff organized and set up the swing....Zoe loves it!!! I so look forward to bringing this baby home and watching my two babies interact. I know Zoe is going to do great and be so loving. Oh...I can't wait!!!!

And the Nesting Weekend was a GREAT success! Have I ever told y'all that I am certain I have the GREATEST MOM in the world?!? We worked a half day Friday...all Saturday and all Sunday on the house...getting everything ready! To say we were exhausted is an understatement! But everything is looking great and I feel very ready for this little one to arrive.

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Elizabeth said...

You look so good!!! Just 4 weeks left. Time flies :)