Sunday, August 25, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect!

Experiencing pregnancy with a child who understand (to a point) has been so much fun!  Zoe and I have daily conversations about Baby Henry and how things will change and what she can help with when he arrives.  She can't wait!

Zoe loves to lay on my tummy and tell Henry to stop kicking her.  She sings to him and talks to him all the time.  It seriously warms my heart!

This past week, she has been very interested in learning to change diapers.  Every diaper we have to change of Evan's, she wants to be a part of....until she sees poop that is.  So, we got out one of my old cabbage patch dolls and I gave her a newborn diaper.

She changed baby's diaper at least 15 times that night!  Practice makes perfect!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Evan's Eight : My 2 Year Old

I have a 2 year old!  I can't believe how time flies and how precious this little boy is.  With Zoe, I was in a state of exhaustion during the end of her 1st year and into her 2nd a lot of Evan's actions and milestones feel new to me.  I just don't remember some things all that well and I am being reminded....oh ya...that happens about now!
Evan is a talker!  I mean...this kid has a lot to say!  He speaks in full sentences, expressing every little thing that pops into his head!  He asks questions, makes commands and he even has developed a little stutter trying to get everything out of his mouth before his brain can process.  Evan can count to 10 easily and knows numbers after just not in order.  Evan knows the whole alphabet and is starting to recognize letters.  I love how vocal he makes life a lot easier now that he can tell me exactly what he wants.

Evan has a crazy love for music!  If he isn't talking, he is singing!  He knows many songs and tunes...sometimes he keeps the tune of a song but puts new words in.  He has a song for almost every landmark we pass while driving.  He sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when we pass CoolRay Stadium.  When we pass the carwash, "I've Been Working at the Carwash".  He loves to sing "Hit the Road Jack" and "Trouble, Trouble!"  He sings the lullaby his Grandma taught us and he loves to sing the blessing over our meals.  Any song you sing to him a couple times, he will repeat to you. He even sings my favorite songs, Matt Maher's "I need you" and David Crowder's "How he loves us".  He loves his instruments and the triangle is his favorite right now.  I can't wait to fuel this little love more as he gets older!
Evan fits the role of Little Brother very, very well.  He is quite the little pest and loves, loves, loves to pick on Zoe!  He is constantly into something whether it be toilets, the trash, messing with the computer or our phones and always in Zoe's hair or sitting on her...making her whale that lovely scream that just pierces.  And he does it all with a grin and a little giggle....pest to a tee!
Evan is measuring perfectly for his age!  He is about 30lbs, in size 2T or 24 months clothes, size 5 - 5.5 shoe, and size 4 diaper.  He was in the high percentages on the charts which has never happened with my kids.  At our check up, Dr. Evans was so happy with his progress and couldn't believe how much he had grown since his 15 month check (we missed his 18mth...opps).  We are now all caught up on his vaccines and will head back for a well visit at 30 months.
Evan almost always has a car, truck or train with him wherever we go.  He loves to roll them around and pretend with them.  He finds any flat surface and loves to crash his toys off the edge.  He makes the car sounds or choo choos.  Some other toys he is into right now...He is loving his water table when it isn't raining out.  He is starting to like to color more.  He really likes the Doodle Pads!  He is great at independent play and often times just shuts the door to his room and plays by himself...which no one minds ; )  He loves to be outside and do all things boy.  He is starting to really like kicking and throwing balls.  But if we are outside, most of the time he is finding a mudhole or digging in the dirt or collecting rocks.  He takes baths nightly.
Evan is an up and down sleeper right now.  Some days he takes a 3 hour nap, some just an hour.  Some nights he goes to bed at 7:30, others at 9.  Some mornings he wakes at 6:30 and others 8.  He is very flexible and goes with the flow.  He has become very attached to his stuffed tiger from his Aunt Laura and he calls him Tiggie and his train blankie that was a gift when he was born from relatives in Wisconsin.  He is also still very, very attached to his pacie...I don't look forward to the day we say goodbye to it.  Just this week, we have moved Evan to a toddler bed.  Each naptime or bedtime he gets better and better.
Evan is learning all about time out and discipline.  He has the most pathetic little face when he gets in trouble, but it is all an act and never lasts very long.  He does great apologizing and loves to give make up hugs and kisses.  Still working on him staying in time out though and not putting himself there for "fun".
Evan is an amazing eater.  He eats anything and everything.  His favorites are grapes and chicken "nuggies", but really will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  When there is something he doesn't want to eat, he says "Mommy, I don't like it"....but he always tries things.  Eating is always a war zone and a complete mess.  The cleaning that takes place in Evan's area alone after meal times is just ridiculous!  We have also come to love OxiClean for all washing needs.
Watching Evan grow has been such a joy!  Even with all the tough moments in the day, the great ones are far greater!  He is funny and loving and really is such a sweet boy.  I am feel so blessed that God gave me this little guy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Evan's 2nd Birthday Party!

My sweet Baby Boy is 2 years old!  It is so hard to believe how time flies...and yes...every parent will say this and it is 100% true.  Once you have kids, days can seem so slow but the years just fly by!

To celebrate Mr. Evan, we had a Backyard BBQ!  Very casual but full of yummy food, cute summery decorations and an adorable cake!

Zelda always takes my thoughts and makes them into the perfect cake!  She totally hit the nail on the head for what I wanted for Evan's cake!  And, like always, it was DELICIOUS!  For dinner, we served hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, chips, asian salad, corn on the cob and homemade mac n true summer grillin' fashion!

 Zach was the grill master and is loving his new grill!  Our deck is official now with our Weber!

I just love birthdays because they are such an amazing reminder of how blessed we are by our friends and family!  We truly are surrounded by so much love and I can't help but be so grateful for each and every person in our lives and for them taking the time to share these precious moments with us!

 Grandma and Grandaddy got Evan a water table that was a total hit!
 The little boys wanted to help grill, too!

 Happy Birthday to you!

 Like I said...the cake was enjoyed by all!

 Man does this kid love anything with wheels!

So many thanks to everyone who celebrated Evan's birthday with us!  It was such a fun evening!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Not My Kind of Milestone

Well, my sweet boy has reached a new milestone....not one that I really looked forward to!

Evan broke his first bone....well....his first two bones!  And he got his first cast.

Evan fell from his brand new booster seat the first week of July and cleanly broke his radius and ulna in his left arm. My poor baby!  But I must say...the kid is a champ!  He did not cry through one X-Ray or while getting his cast put on.  

We had his first cast for a week and went back for a check and the doctor felt he needed another cast because it had significantly loosened.  Evan got his second cast put on, tear free, and had that cast for 2 weeks.  At the next check, the doctor still wanted something on his arm as the last little bits healed perfectly, so we were able to get a half cast and it is waterproof!  Huge difference!  So, we are finally in the home stretch and get his half cast off on the 8th...just in time for Evan to turn 2!  

Let's just hope this is our only milestone of this sort!

Isn't Evan so cute in his cast rockstar!

Gymnastic Camp

We were so lucky to get to send Zoe to two different camps this summer.  Our county organizes different themed camps the entire summer long!  They can start attending at age 3 so we were so excited for Zoe to get to attend.  Her first camp was Bug Bonanza Camp and it was all about crafts, painting, coloring, exploring and learning about different insects.  She loved it!  

Zoe's second camp was Gymnastics Camp.  I am so glad there are week long camps like this to see if it is an activity Zoe would be interested in doing on more of a regular basis.  Sadly, gymnastics is not one of the extracurricular activities Zoe will be doing.  This girl does not like to sweat...haha.  But it was great for a week!  And Zoe got to go to camp with Bailey and Ella which is always special.

At the end of the week, the parents got to come and see all the fun activities the kids had been doing all week!

 And doesn't love a popsicle for being a great little gymnast!