Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Coloring Weekend

We had a wonderful, relaxing Holiday Weekend. Zach had to work, but because every afternoon brought thunderstorms and rain....it was really like he worked a half weekend! We saw Daddy for lunch every day and he was home by 4:00!

Saturday Night, we cooked out with our neighbors across the street. Lynn and Bobby are so sweet and exactly what you want in a neighbor. They are older and wiser....but so fun to be around! Lynn helps with her great-niece every weekend....so Cadence joined us, too!

But Zoe only had one thing in mind being outside while we cooked....coloring! Zoe loves playing with the chalk and coloring all over everything.

She took a break to say "Hi" to Cadence...but it wasn't too long before she was back to the fun stuff!

Sunday, Zoe and I headed to Mass in the morning...where she colored an American Flag in the nursery. A stellar job...I must say! Zoe and I had a fun day, playing around the house. When Daddy got home, the coloring book came out! Zoe normally says "loror" or simply "yellow" when she wants to color.

Taking a break for a little pretzel snack!

Monday, Zoe and I took it easy in the morning...we ate breakfast, watched Minnie and waited for Daddy to come home before taking our nap. We all ended up taking a nap! Once Zoe was up, we got ready and headed to my parent's pool. Every year, they do a really fun 4th of July Celebration with a DJ, tons of games for the kids and a cookout. Zoe had a great time in the kiddy pool and it wasn't tiring at all for me this time...a positive all around! About an hour into playing....the storms rolled in. We were about ready to head out any way, so no harm.

I attempted to get a cute 4th of July picture...I think it is safe to say it was not really a success.

We got home from the pool and Daddy was already home! We tried to put Zoe down for a nap...but she wasn't having it! We all played outside until it was time for dinner and then bath time where Zoe did more....coloring!

In my nesting frenzy...I found these bath crayons that Zoe got at Christmas time. She finally is old enough to use them and not just try to eat them...and she was ALL about it! Another fun thing to do in the water.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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