Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays with Fr. Mike: What Are You Working For?

Go ahead....Listen to Homily

This homily was from two weeks ago...but I loved it and wanted to share it even though it wasn't from this past week. 

I have asked this question so many times and never really gotten an answer until now...or maybe this is an answer that finally made sense to me!

Why go to Church?  Can't I have a relationship with God, with Jesus, without going to Mass?  Why be a part of the Church?

Fr. Mike spells it out with 4 short reasons:

-By being in the Chruch, by working in the vineyard, you gain wisdom....and becuase of this wisdom, I am now changed and someone who is different...simply by being in the Church!

-You can make a change...I can make an impact somehow.

-You become part of a Community...we are closer when we work together and serve together.

-When you are in the Church, when you go to Mass or Service, when you spend time in the Church and work, You get to know your instructor, have spent time with him!  You become friends! 

Once you love wish you had loved them sooner!  Once you love and have a relationship with'll wish you had known Him sooner!  So very true!!!

Hope you enjoyed Fr. Mike's Homily, too.  See you again soon!

Mitcham Farm

We had a blast last week when we visited Mitcham Farm for some Fall Fun!  Mitcham Farm is located off I20 between Covington and Social Circle.  It is a small family owned farm that has strawberries in the spring and a huge corn maze for the fall.  We enjoyed the amazing weather and took part in some of the farm's activites, like a mountain slide, hayride, petting zoo, bonfire and cow train.  Oh and of course, we couldn't miss the corn shooter....can you tell who liked it the most?
I think this was Chrysti and my favorite part!  Funnel Cake!
Zoe thought the pumpkin was an apple.  Once she realized it wasn't going to be edible....she gave it to the goat!

My Snuggle Bugs

Waking up to these two makes my day just perfect!

I love my life!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dare I Say It...

I am nervous to type this as it might jinx my current situation...but it totally deserves recognition!
My Little Swaddled Buddle of Joy is now 7 weeks old and sleeping through the night! 
Mr. Man slept from 10-5 or 6, 3 nights so far this week!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training Day 5

We had 3.5 miles on the calendar for yesterday!  And even though we have an injured knee and Zach has a stone bruise in his foot...we put in our miles walking.  It was actually quite enjoyable to exercise as a family rather than tag teaming for once.  It was much easier doing the 3.5 walking, too....much less pain.

My friend Alyshia was so sweet to talk to one of her friends for me that is a personal trainer.  Her friend suggested that I get some KT Tape to help stabilze my knee without rexstricting motion.
She also suggested I do more of a walk/run training program until I have more strength in my knee and loose these unwanted LBs.  Her suggestion was to look up Jeff Galloway and his training programs...his headline on his website is "Run Injury Free"....Yes Please!  I am going to be following the 11 minute mile pace and my ratio for run/walk is 2:30/1 min.  Once I feel stronger...I am going to move more towards a 10 min mile ratio which is 3:00/1.

I hope this all works!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

~Training Day 4~

Saturday was Day 4 for training and I was to run 4 miles....and then life got in the way!  We had a jam packed Saturday and there was just no time for a run.  I was thinking I might be able to Sunday at the lake, but who was I kidding...running was very far from my mind when I was thinking 100% relaxation.  So Day 4 of training became Monday.  All weekend my left knee was bothering me from my Thursday run....but I was very quick to deny that it was going to be a big deal.  Well it is.  I began my 4 mile run today and after a mile had to turn around.  My body was screaming at me that it is hurting!  Because my left knee was hurting so much, my right leg was trying to overcompensate and started cramping up.  It is really hard when your head is telling you 'yes, you can do this' and your body is telling you 'no, I am not ready'.  Very discouraging, but I am not going to let it bring me all the way down.  Instead of sticking to my running program, I am going to have to adjust until I get stronger.  I thought I would get stronger faster and I am just not....I have too much added weight and it is hurting me.  So I am going to be doing a lot more walking.  I am going to walk the number of miles, rather than run.  I am also going to be doing a lot more strength training until I loose more weight and feel strong enough to pick running back up.  So sad...but it is not worth it to me to hurt myself.


We are exactly 1 week from vacation!!!  I am so very, very excited!  I can just hear Orange Beach calling my name!  Zach's vacation starts on Tuesday so Monday night we are heading down to Tuscaloosa for two days.  I cannot wait to spend Tuesday with Crystal and Anna Riley!  Distance can make friendships harder, but for us, I think we have only gotten blessed!  And then Wednesday afternoon, we head down to Orange Beach!  I can't wait to have nothing planned, no places we need to go....just time with my family!


This year in our Young Married Ministry at Church, we are starting with the Myers-Briggs test.  This test is a very well known instrument that helps people to learn more about their personality type and how it influences different aspects of their life.  Zach and I each took the test and we are going to learn all about our results on Thursday at our meeting.  The main point of this is to see how our personalities affect our marriage....kind of a big deal if you ask me!  I am interested to see what it reveals about each of us.  When taking it, I said this test is making me look like I am OCD and Zach said it made him look like he cares about nothing...hahah....opposites attract I guess.  I love these types of things though.  Last year, we learned so much about each other through our Love we are looking at it through a personality test.  Maybe it will help us work through any issues we might have now or in the future!  I hope so!

~Party Planning~

Zoe Jane's 2nd Birthday Party and Evan's Baptism are offically on the calendar and planning has begun!  I can't wait to celebrate my babies with our friends and family!  November 11th and 12th are going to be here before we know it!  I can't believe Zoe is going to be 2!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can you feel it?

Fall is in the Air!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like My Mother Does

Totally started crying today in the car...I usually always listen to The Fish, but today it was on country since my hubby was last in the car.  And this song came on!

Becoming a mother has given me a whole new perspective on my mom and my relationship.  I loved her before, obviously, but I respect her so much more now.  Some of the tough decisions she had to make for me growing up all make sense now.  Some of the things we disagreed on..I get now.  I appreciate all the sacrifices her and my dad made for me growing up and even to this day.  Once you are a mom, you never really loose the title and I understand this more now!  I loved this song because it describes me and my mom perfectly.  

For those of you who know my mom....her laugh is contagious. You can find her in a crowd really fast by her laugh or really just by her voice.  My family has a problem with talking really loud...we need to work on that!

My mom taught me what a good friend is and how to be a good friend by her friendships...I seriously have some of the best people in my life because of the friendships my parents have.  I can't help but want the same for my children!  She is constantly giving me advice in tough situations and she has taught me to give it all in my relationships...she is the reason I love with all I have.

I love the part that says, She's a rock, She is grace, She's an angel, She's my heart and soul, She does it all.  This is my mom in 4 short lines!  She is a constant in a tough world...she is so dependable and such an amazing Mother to me and my sisters and an amazing Grammy to our children!  She would do anything for any of second thoughts!

And then the last line....well that is a given in my case.

I hear people saying
I'm starting to look like my my mother does

I love you, Mom!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Toys and Training

My Little Man is staying awake so much more these days and that means it is time to bring out some toys to play with!  Big Sister Zoe was so excited.  She jumped right in!
 Evan is so strong and raises his head and holds it up so well!
 Where ever Evan is....Zoe isn't far with kisses!

 Zoe decided she would share with her little brother.  She loves helping with Evan.  If he cries, she goes up to him and says "It's ok Buddy" and tries to give him his pacie.  She is so sweet!

 Love my babies!!!

Training Day 3

Today, we were set to run 3.5 miles.  It started out really tough.  I am really feeling the extra weight in my knees.  I think I am going to need to get some sort of support until I shed the pounds...any suggestions?  Otherwise...the run was a success! 

Mileage: 3.5 Miles
Time: 00:38:40
Pace: 00:11:02

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Training: Day 2

Day 2 has come and gone and I felt like I did well!  More hills today and gradual inclines, but I ran the whole time instead of walking up the tough parts.  And I really didn't feel like I needed to walk at all, so that makes me feel really good! 

During my time running, I thought a lot about how different this will feel as I loose this awful weight.  I mean...30 pounds less running has to make it a little bit easier right?!?  Can't wait to get to that point!

Mileage: 2.5 Miles
Time: 00:27:15
Pace: 00:10:54

Monday, September 19, 2011

Training: Day 1

The day has come!  I am 6 weeks post-partum which means....Training for Savannah Rock n' Roll begins!

I must be honest.  I was very nervous for today.  I have run 4 times since Evan's birthday.  My first run was at Alexander Park and I ran 1 time around, about 1.5 hard!  My second run was around where I was 2.65 miles and it went great...slow...but great!  Run 3 was horrible!  I mapped out another run around where I live and did not think about elevation....yikes!  I walked quite a bit of this run because it was so hilly. My fourth run was at Tribble Mill Park and was about 2.8 miles.  My sister and I walk/ran around the park's trail.  Hills I had to walk up, but it overall was a good run.   I also went to my 6 week check up today.  I weighed in at 180lb...oh dear!  This is 16lbs down from birth day, but 40lbs from where I would like to be and 30lbs from where I probably will be.  So far to go and I was a little down after the appointment, even though I got the okay and everything checked out great!

So, needless to say, I was nervous today after having to walk so much during my last 2 runs amd carrying so much extra weight.  To my surprise, the run was great!!!!  Zach and I mapped out 3 miles from our house up Braselton Hwy.  Zach ran first and then I picked him up at our 3 mile mark and I ran home.  This works perfect for us because neither of us like running with a stroller.

My legs were so much lighter today.  I really tried to move my arms more and actually pick up my feet...I tend to drag.  Music is always a must and a positive attitude.  I had many pep talks with myself!  And I ran the entire 3.1 miles!!!  Big Accomplishment!

Mileage: 3.1 miles
Time: 00:32:45
Pace: 00:10:19

During our training until race day....November 5th....I am going to document each run, times, maps and hopefully a picture of myself before the run and weigh in.  I want to see my progress!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bring on Fall..

One of our family's absolute favorite things about Fall is having a fire in the fireplace!  Once cool weather hits...Zach immediately says "You want a fire?"  We just love them.  They are so comforting and my our house feel SO homey!  So yesterday morning when Zach got home from a fire was the first thing he did!

Zoe Jane was so excited to help Daddy bring in the wood for our fire!  She is such a great helper.

 Can you tell he was a little bit excited!?!
 Evan was pumped, too!

Yes, we may have had to open every window because it got just a little hot in the living room...but it was so worth the ambiance!  Welcome Fall....We sure do love to see you!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Night!

Friday Night, Zach and I headed to The Stafford's House for Game Night!  Always a wonderful time with great company and yummy food!  And Grammy got some play time with the kiddos!
Inspired by Pinterest....who isn't?....Every couple brought 2 appetizers to share.  It was pretty much amazing!  I have always been one who loves to cook or bake for others....just not on a regular basis.  I had a blast searching for two recipes to bring.  I narrowed it down to.....
Peanut Butter Cheese Ball...I am obsessed with Peanut Butter and it did not disappoint anyone!  The entire ball was gone by the end of the night!  I liked it best with the Granny Smith Apples...eating apples with it makes it healthy...right!?!?
And my second choice for the night was a White Pizza Dip.  Oh man...bring on the calories and yumminess!  I served it with Parmesan Garlic Triscutts and Fritos.  I will be making this again!
And then on to the games...we played couples ping pong.  Let's just say that none of us had actually used a ping pong table to play ping pong in a long time.  Balls were flying everywhere!  So much fun!

Love these ladies so much!  Every time I spend time with them, I just have so much fun!
Zach and I can't wait to host Game Night in October...and I can't wait to see what yummies everyone brings!