Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Week!

As you can imagine, U+V Week was pretty UNeventful!  

We got some adorable books from the library and we read and discussed the books.  We played a lot of our letter matching game and did lots of coloring and cutting.  

We did do a craft for an Umbrella on our very rainy Tuesday.  

I decided to really focus on the 5 Bible Verses, especially because the 5th (John 3:16) is rather long....but kind of a crucial one.  Zoe is really doing so amazing with her verses.  It is really amazing what a 3 year old is capable of.

Wednesday we had our usual date to Mass that I love more and more every week!  Wednesday was beautiful out so the kids played outside all afternoon while I baked a ton!  I made two batches of waffles for our mornings, a fresh batch of granola and this yummy dinner!  Real Mac N Cheese with Zucchini Chips!  Everything was so good!  The chips were a little more work than I am okay doing on a regular basis, but a good treat.

Thursday we went to Story Time and played on the computers at the library!

Friday we headed to Athens to spend the afternoon with The Williams' again.  Love spending time with them!  After our visit, I visited Earth Fare for the first time.  I was able to really load up on our meats!
This weekend we had TWO date nights!  It was wonderful spending so much one on one time with my love!  Friday night we had an absolute blast at The Stafford's for game night!  We played The Newlywed Game and I must say it was quite humorous.

Saturday night we headed back to Athens for Jenny's 30th Birthday Celebration.  I have known Jenny since I was 5!  I really can't describe how much I love our friendship and all the stages of life we have gone through together.  It is so special to have a friend for so long and not something that happens every day!
Sunday Zach and I got to sleep in!!!!  It was wonderful!  We headed to my mom's to go to Mass and celebrate Zach's birthday!  Zach turned 28 on Sunday!  After Mass, we went to Lunch at Farm Burger in Decatur.....ummm.... DELICIOUS!  Like almost too delicious!  
After completely stuffing our faces, it was on to the Dekalb Farmer's Market.  This was my first visit in a very, very long since childhood.  I was blown away not only how much gorgeous food they had but how jam packed it was!  
 I was really pleased at the pricing and how little we spent for how much we got!  I love how colorful our fridge has become over the last 2 weeks.  
Another AWESOME week!  I really do love seeing how much my kiddos grow each and every day!  It seems like they change so much every hour!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend

Thursday, I had a wonderful day working at A Daisy A Day for Valentine's Day while Zach had a fun day at home with the kiddos!

Friday was we spent the afternoon outside playing!

 We had a yummy, unprocessed lunch (since that is what we gave up for Lent) with an apple and peanut butter sandwich, carrots, celery and grapes!

 And our deck is OFFICIALLY DONE!  I never thought the day would come.  
I was so excited for out dinner on Friday.  We not only cut out processed foods but also observed the meat fast.  I made a black bean, tomato and corn salad to be put with greens.  We also made a homemade dressing with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and cilantro!  Zach and I could not believe how good it was.  Zach even went back for seconds!

 Friday night we had our Family Movie Night and watched The Lion King, at Zoe's request!  And we definitely did not want to disappoint her by not having yummies since she had been so good all week.

We decided to make our first batch of homemade ice cream.

We air popped our popcorn, too!
And we were ready for Movie Night!

 Friday night, I also made granola.  OMG!  Y'all...this stuff is DELICIOUS!

We had such a wonderful, relaxing evening Friday night!

Saturday we were in no rush for anything and had no plans for the day!
 We made waffles and once again could not get over how delish they were!
 Zach had to do a couple things in the afternoon for his business while the kiddos napped (and maybe Mommy too)
When Zach got home, we had lunch and then packed up for the park.  It was a little bit chilly, so we decided to make some coffee and bring it along.  I had not had coffee since Tuesday since I typically douse it with yummy vanilla caramel creamer (which I have since learned contains not one bit of actual cream).  I just figured there was no way I could find an unprocessed way of making my coffee any good so I will just say goodbye.  Well my friends, I mixed organic half & half with honey and a touch of cinnamon.  I mixed it all together before putting it in my coffee....SOOOO GOOD!  I couldn't believe it.  The whole way to the park I kept telling Zach how good it was!  I think I was sick of hearing it haha.

Zoe has been obsessed with taking picture with my camera.  She just snaps and snaps.  Typically the pictures are of the top of Evan's head, a cup, the window, etc.  But I found this one and just laughed and laughed.  This is how I prepare lunch every day.  Evan, as I have said before, is a monster eater.  The kid as no fill point!  While I make lunch, he usually stands right at my feet whining and saying "I eat, I eat".  You would have thought I starve him, but he really only ate 30 minutes ago!

Sunday was a wonderfully calm morning as well!  We headed to Mass and had a delicious lunch at home!  We just relaxed and played outside and then took great naps before heading to a gender reveal party for Baby Wise!

Gosh, I love weekends where nothing is really planned and we can just relax and enjoy our family and all God has blessed us with!

L Week: Ash Wednesday

Zoe Jane and I got to go on our Mommy Daughter Date Wednesday to Ash Wednesday Mass.  Zoe did great with a full Sanctuary which made this Mommy so happy!  She even held hands and said the entire Our Father!  Zoe received her ashes with Cinderella in tow.  Unfortunately, Fr. Eric did not give ashes to poor Cinderella and Zoe just couldn't understand...haha.

Once we got home, it was time for some crafts to teach Zoe some about Lent.  I decided to do a chain for the 40 days of Lent and we worked on patterns!

 We hung up the chain and connected it to our Tridium Cross!

Once we got done gluing, I went to Zoe's room and hung up all her new artwork!  When I got back, Zoe had drawn this!  Zoe has started drawing PEOPLE!  I couldn't believe it and I could have cried.  Not sure why.  I think they are the cutest little things!

L Week: Tuesday

Tuesdays we go to Story Time.  We normally have a very relaxed morning before we get dressed and pack up for the library.  This morning, Zoe was begging and begging for crafts and since we were going to the library, I had nothing planned.  So we improvised!

Since the day of Love was right around the corner, we read "How Do I Love You", one of my favs, and I let her choose her favorite page for us to recreate.  Zoe colored the bee and cut it out and I did the flower!
 I think our art turned out so cute!
 And Evan had fun watching!

L Week: Monday

L Week began with a wonderful celebration of St. Lucy!  St. Lucy is my confirmation saint and I just love her.  I love that their are so many saints, so many men and women of faith, that can relate to us in any circumstance!  And we can then turn to them, pray to them, for their intercession!

St. Lucy is the patron saint of the blind.  Whenever I think about her, I can't help but think....For I was blind, but now I see.

St. Lucy's actual feast day is December 13th, but we had a mini feast for our L Week.

 After our cinna twist cake and candles, we worked on letters and matching.  Zoe loves these upper and lower case letter cards!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Body!

Y'all....I just seriously had the most amazing, fruitful, spirit filled holy hour!  Like I still have goosebumps....Oh My do I love when that happens! holy hour today looked something like this!

I tend to hear and feel and see God through music...not news to anyone who has ever read this blog.  One of  my most favorite songs is Remembrance by Matt Maher.  Haven't heard is below...AMAZING!  When I first heard this song, it was on a run and I seriously just closed my eyes (luckily I was running in a park and not on the street) lifted my hands and was filled!  I mean I felt every inch of my body filled with the Spirit. I also heard this song during the Mass for my sweet Oliver.  As I walked to the altar, tears rolling feeling unbelievably empty...this song played and I was once again filled with our Lord in the Eucharist!  Praise the Lord!

Now...I listened to this song this morning to begin my holy hour....and I closed my eyes and gave thanks and prayed for God to fill me today.  Well, never ask for something from God if you don't want it answered!

After the song got done playing on youtube, the first thing that came to mind to continue my holy hour was Christopher West.  I love Christopher West for his mission!  He is so amazing and gifted in speech and he makes so many complicated things so understandable!  So I typed in Christopher West in the search bar and the first video that popped up I watched.  THANK YOU JESUS!

I am going to share it with you!  I have to share it with you!  It is that amazing!  Now...yes I am Catholic...yes Christopher West is Catholic...but this presentation that West gave was to a Protestant Community in Nashville...not sure which one.  But I urge EVERY CHRISTIAN...since we are all together God's, to watch this and open your ears, eyes and your heart to what he talks about.

Watching this today confirmed that I need to take care of this amazing gift God has given me...MY BODY!  I am made in his image and likeness and I am meant for why don't I treat myself the same way.  Watching this today confirmed in me why I will never alter my body for my own selfish wants and needs.  Why I can't destory my body with the food I eat....Why I will never take birth control...why I embrace children and labor and every other gift the Lord gives me....Why I embrace my femininity!  Because that is how God made me!  And I am perfect!  And I definitely don't want to mess with what God has already deemed perfect!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

So....we got through Day 1....well really Day 2....of our no processed food venture through Lent.  I have a feeling breakfast and lunch will be a piece of cake (non processed of course), but I feel dinner is going to be a little harder.  Luckily for me, Zach has decided to join in!  Gosh, things are so much easier when your love is on board!

I honestly don't think eating from the Earth is going to be that tough....I think finding the Natural Products is what is going to be tough. This week, I definitely didn't budget enough for food, but I know better for next week.  And goodness is it impossible to find some things in the normal grocery.  One of the biggest things that I knew we had to have was bread!  I did not find ONE, not ONE, 100% natural bread at the store.  But, I am really excited because I found a monastery in NY and they make Monk's Bread!  6 loaves for $34. PERFECT!   I look forward to making my first trip to Trader Joe's on Monday and hopefully I will have better luck.  And I can't wait to have a fun day with Jenny in Athens and we can go to Earth Fare!

I am so blessed to have two kiddos who love their fruits and veggies!  They both really are not picky at all and I am going to take full advantage of that while they are little.

Unfortunately for me, I have had horrible headaches the last two nights.  Not sure if it is my body going through sugar withdrawals...yes I ate that much on a regular basis...or I am coming down with something.  But I sure do hope they pass!

Zach and I joked around about when we visit Zach's parents house some time in March when the newest addition to the family arrives....not quite sure Pig even has an organic section!  Might have to pack some food :/

But for the most part, the last two days have been a pleasant surprise!

Breakfast: Eggs and Fruit : Tea and Fruit for me
Lunch: Fruit, Almonds, Cheese and Crackers, Larabar
Dinner: Roasted Broccoli, Brown Rice and Seasoned Chicken (and Wine....totally natural)

Through going natural, I am really hoping to achieve a couple things.  Of course, I am going to try and loose weight...but also just change my eating habits for the better!  I am finding that I am always tired and that is probably because I never feed my body food to fuel it.  I am hoping to help the kids eczema and Evan's reflux.  Also, Zach has horrible reflux and indigestion, so I am hoping that this might help him as well!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Days, 40 Nights

Call me crazy, but I love Lent.  

Yes, I know...why would someone like having to give something up that they love or including something into their every day routine that is so far from routine?  Having practiced this time of fast and sacrifice for my entire my 27 years, I have found unbelievable beauty in this time of the liturgical year.

During Lent, you sacrifice for the Glory of God.  And only through such sacrifice can you truly see God work His greatest in you.  You see, in our struggle is when we need our Lord most!  The next 40 days of sacrifice are for His Glory and His alone....because He made the ultimate sacrifice for US!

I believe that people are so, so scared to struggle that they completely run from the idea of it.  I have heard so many times...oh I don't need to give anything up...I dare you.  I dare you to allow God to move in you through your will undoubtedly feel His presence and you will grow closer to Him through it.  PROMISE!

This Lent I have chosen to give something up that would be absolutely impossible for me if I did not do it as a sacrifice to God.  Because really to do this and succeed, I will need a lot of prayer, a lot of will power and a whole lot of Jesus!

For Lent, I am giving up Processed Foods.  Ok, there I said it!

I am freaking out and really nervous about the next 40 days but I have been praying a lot in preparation for this Lenten season and I have had a overwhelming, reoccurring thought.

Die to Self!

Now this has been prayed into and I have reflected on all aspects of my life and there are a couple other things that I will be doing in addition to a change in menu, but the way I treat my body is of the utmost importance because it is God's gift to me and I must take care of it!  And to be perfectly honest, I am abusing my body right now.

So bye bye processed foods and hello to raw, the way God intending it....and lots of granola. ha.  But in addition, I am setting aside at least one hour a day of reflection, prayer, listening to music, reading scripture or journaling...whatever I feel like that day...but it will be a time set aside.  This is probably time I would normally tweet or facebook or play on pinterest.  I am turning off notifications on my phone and deleting apps.  I am not giving these things up, but I am putting Our Lord and my time with Him in priority!

The final thing I am doing to achieve my die to self theme this Lenten season is that I will not be buying one thing for myself in the next 40 days, aside from food and drink.  I need absolutely nothing...but the wants are the true sacrifice.

Wish me luck and send your prayers my way!  If you want prayers during this Season, leave a comment and I will pray for you as well!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evan's Eight

Evan no longer walks....HE RUNS everywhere he wants to go.  It is so funny because he leads with his tummy and keeps his right arm straight and waves his left for balance.  He is just so excited to get where ever he is going and walking takes way too long!
Evan has been all about feeding himself.  Unfortunately, when the food is messy like applesauce or yogurt...we lose more of the food than keep...but he is learning and needs the practice!
Evan is really trying to get his last molar popped out.  Poor guy has had the worst diapers, drool everywhere and even a puke or two.  YUCK!
Evan is getting much more opinionated and really stands his ground!  Zoe doesn't have a chance when Evan really wants something!
This kid will eat all day long if you let him.  And I am pretty sure the only thing growing is his tummy.  Luckily, he loves his fruits and veggies.  If you ever need Evan to be busy with something for at least 20/30 minutes....give him a full apple with one starting bite gone.  He will sit down and eat an entire apple....even try to eat the core.
I seriously don't think a kids loves music as much as this one.  I do believe he will be a drum player!
I can't believe how amazing Evan does during Story Time.  I want Zoe to be able to go to the older storytime so Evan has to make due.  Well, he loves it!  He sits with all the kids and you can tell he feels so grown up.  So cute!
I just love this kid's personality!  He is so chill and easy going.  He loves to be around people and really doesn't know a stranger.  He is sensitive but also strong willed.  And he is a sweetheart always giving kisses when you ask.  Love my baby boy!