Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I am Loving!

~Baby #3~

I am LOVING that I got these cute little outfits for Baby #3 yesterday. Who said you couldn't plan when you don't know the gender. I bought 2 outfits per gender. I did the same thing with Zoe's arrival....but I bought newborns. As a first time mom...newborns made sense....well she SWAM in them because she was so small. So this go around, I bought preemie. Zoe wore her preemie clothes for the 1st 3 weeks. Preemie says up to 5 lbs, but they fit really well in an almost 7 lb baby :) Once Baby #3 arrives....and we know who our little one is...I will return the other outfits...gotta love receipts.

I also got this Sound Machine for Baby #3 this past week. We got this for Zoe later in her little life and I wish I had gotten it earlier. The sound we had for her had a timer of about 20 minutes, so Zach and I would wait and hit the button immediately to keep the sound going....if there was a break she would flinch and we would freak out if she woke up! I have really enjoyed this sound machine from Babies'R'Us (Target has nothing!) .

~Zoe Zoo~

I am LOVING this precious smile...goofy but precious! And her adorable pigtails!

I LOVE taking Zoe to the park as our last hoorah of the day. It is just a little bit cooler and I can find some shade while she plays. This time, we visited Mulberry Park. It is an older park with matured trees that create shade and that I love!
I LOVE that Zoe wants to run everywhere she goes now!
And she can climb all the stairs all by herself!
And she LOVES the big slide!And she is becoming more interested in the swing...but we still need to work more on her balance! And I LOVE when she sticks her head out of little openings and puckers right up for a kiss from Mommy....and she is saying "Love you Mommy" now and I seriously could melt to a puddle of mush every time.
Time to Go, Mommy!

~Only So Much Time~

I am LOVING that as you near the end of a pregnancy, there are certain things you have to do to be prepared for the arrival of your little one!

  • I filled out forms with work for my Maternity Leave.

  • I have begun to think about what I want to bring to the hospital in our bag. Last time, I don't know what I was thinking on some live and you learn. Things that will be coming along for the Delivery Ride are a robe, slippers (ones I will throw away after...yucky hospital), comfy socks, computer, very relaxing music on CD or Ipod, pajamas, yummy snacks (hard candy and chewy candy during labor), camera and charger, my pillow, phone chargers, a book for reading time (this is a joke...there is no reading time during natural birth), a head band and hairties, my glasses or contacts. This time around I want to bring a little something for our Midwife and Delivery nurses. I am sure there is more...still thinking.

  • I am finishing up all the forms for the hospital, photocopying cards and getting ready to mail.

  • I am making my list of phone numbers for my mom or sisters to contact once Baby #3 arrives.

  • I have already started to think about arrangements for Zoe if I were to go into labor during the week.

  • I have almost finished all the organization I want to do in the house...I also want to do one more BIG and I mean BIG deep clean of our house before arrival.

  • I have hinted to my husband that I need a DEEP clean of my car too before arrival...and said that one way or the other, it is getting done. I don't care if I pay someone to do it!

  • I have gotten our extra car seat base out and it is ready to be installed, along with seat protector and car organizer for odds and ends....I have a feeling this is going to be very handy with two in the back of the Camry now.

  • I have gotten out bottles and breast pump parts to sanitize and store.

  • I have marked on the calendar and very much look forward to our last game night with all our friends before arrival!

  • I have gotten the ball rolling with Do It Cute to have a shirt made for Zoe for Delivery Day.

  • And last but not least, I have decided a pedicure will be happening before ifs, ands, or buts about it :) And I will be getting this done at my favorite place in pedicure I have ever had!!!!


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