Sunday, September 23, 2012

Phone Photos!

Let's be real here....carrying around my good camera is just not as realistic with two children... especially one that is into everything!  So here is my phone photo dump!
As much as I love the Crimson Tide totally dominating so far this season...I am a little sad that the games are BEYOND boring!  I love a good game with a Win in the end...I am pretty sure the only "game" we have this year is LSU.  We still cheer our team on in our favorite crimson attire.

 The smiles that could literally melt my heart!

 The weather in GA has been PERFECT!!!!  We have been taking full advantage of all the parks in our area!  And the kids just love being playing!
 Strike a Pose!

We are so very proud of our little princess and how well she is doing in school!  When she finished her first full week of school...she got a fun little something from Mommy and Daddy!

Do they ever stop?!?!

These kiddos are growing like weeds and never stop going..going..going!
Once Evan finally realized how to crawl...he has never looked back.  His is so quick now and he is also cruising all over the place.  He pulls up on anything...couches, beds, walls, legs...anything he can get his hands on.  He is standing on his own for a couple seconds and even taking 4-5 steps by himself!
The doctor said that Evan's right foot, the one we were worried about, was the normal foot and that his left foot had some in-toeing due to the position of Evan in my womb.  The doctor was not in the least bit concerned and said he would grow out of it.  And honestly, I see the issue less and less everyday.  Evan is also climbing up stairs rather quickly.  We don't have stairs at our home, so he just did it one day and it totally scared me to death when he was 6 stairs up before I realized!
Evan is into everything!  He is so curious and literally never stops.  He loves getting into cabinets, pulling everything off tables, pulling everything out of boxes or toy bins.  He puts anything and everything in his mouth.  We call him the dog we never had.
And he absolutely loves to pester his true younger brother fashion!  The hair pulling...oh the hair pulling!
And Evan is talking up a storm!  I can't believe how much he changes and grows daily.  He says "Thank You", "Uh-Oh", "Momma", "Dada", "Peek A Boo"....and just babbles and babbles!  I love his little manly voice...he has a very deep tone.
Zoe Jane is growing just as much.  Since school started, her vocabulary is just exploding.  She now describes things much better and is really speaking more in sentences.  She is absolutely loving school and she always tells me how much she loves her teacher, Ms. Rachel.
Zoe is a little mommy...always bossing Evan and anyone who will take direction around.  You will hear her often scream, "Evan..No..No!...Evan! Be careful!"  She is such a mess.
Zoe is all about Doc McStuffins lately and everything needs a check up, singing and heart listening included.  I am constantly singing when Zoe is around.  She loves music and loves to sing.  I played the Disney Station on Pandora one day to have a little music to help us have fun!  She danced and sang the entire time!  And every time a new song came on she freaked out with joy telling me which princess she saw and what movie the song was from.  Crazy girl!
 My days are full and perfect with these two!  Life is SO good!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FaceBook and Tupperware

Hi Everyone!

September is off to a great start in the Tupper World!  I am so excited to see how the rest of the month goes with partying!

If you want to keep in touch with all the happenings...friend me on Facebook and I will add you to my Tupper Group.  There are always great deals and fun promotions going on that you don't want to miss out on.

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Finally...On the left side bar...I added a Tupperware Banner and if you click on it, it will take you directly to my site to view the over and take a look at all the great is a lot different than what you might have suspected.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letters to Oliver

My Sweet Angel,

Sunday, we celebrated your sweet life as a family!  Has it really already been 2 years!?!  We started the day with Mass and I immediately felt your presences within are so alive in this heart of mine.  Amazing Grace...what better way to remember you.  How sweet the sound...just hearing that song sung brings me to tears.  Just the thought of you reminds me that my heart is not whole.

I miss you!  I love you!  I long for you!

Sunday, I pushed aside my tears and longings and we celebrated your tiny, precious life!  And your brother and sister were thrilled because we did it with cupcakes.  I love celebrating you!  I love that I can celebrate your life and be reminded each year of how you blessed me more than I could imagine..more than I could have dreamed.

My precious Angel, know you are so missed!  Know that God worked wonders through you and continues to in our lives.  Know that you are perfect in my eyes and you were always!  

Until that day, my sweet boy....know that Mommy loves you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

1st Day!

 Zoe is attending Prince of Peace PreSchool and we are all so excited! She had a great first day and came home telling me bits and pieces but she definitely was exhausted.  She said she called for me and cried...but was beaming when she came out at pick up so we are going to call the first day a success. 2 never happened.  Baby girl came down with something and spiked a 102 temperature Thursday morning.  She was just pathetic.  So her first sick day ended up being her second day of school.  I hope this doesn't become a habit.
Zoe will have her second day of school tomorrow!  And she was so excited when we talked about school all today!

And this big guy loved having Mommy all to himself!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doctor, Pharamacy, Specialist...

What a crazy couple of weeks we have had!

Zach and I have been busy, busy with work.  The golf course has slowed down some, so Zach is able to do a little bit more work with Phillips Lawn and Landscaping!  This has made both of us very happy and we have very high hopes for Zach's business!  He has added 2 more clients in the last couples week and we are hoping to continue growth...prayers are welcome :)

I have been having a blast partying once or twice a week!  I have absolutely loved meeting new people and showing them some amazing products.  I attended our National Conference in Orlando a couple weeks ago and feel in love with my job even more...I really think this opportunity is an answer to so many prayers! I love that I have a team of my own now, too!  My team mates are Kimberly, my sil, and Jennifer, from Zach's hometown!  I love that I get to share this amazing opportunity with them and hopefully many more and I hope it helps and changes their lives how it has mine!  AND I did my first giveaway! I love giving!

I am also so grateful that I am home because our kiddos have been needing their Mama a lot these last couple weeks.

We had Evan's 12 month check up where the doctor wanted us to see a specialist for Evan's right gait.  WE had Aimee, Evan's physical therapist come out and she encouraged us to see a specialist as well.  She was quite confident that is was nothing to be too concerned about...but to be on the safe side she thought it would be a good idea.  So Tuesday, we have our first appointment with the Children's Orthopedics!  Aimee did give us some great exercises to do with Evan to help strengthen his right hip and tibia and we have been doing those as often as we can.

Even though Evan has a very wide stance, he is progressing amazingly!  Evan cruises around like crazy and is pretty quick.  He has also gained more balance and can stand for a few seconds on his own.  AND this past week, he has even taken a few steps between Mommy and Daddy!  All this movement has kept us on our toes but makes me so happy!

For the last couple weeks, Evan has been pretty whiny in the middle of the night...nothing a pacie can't solve...but it is very out of the norm for him.  We pushed it off to teething, but when we got back from the beach...Grandma he was really irritated by his right ear.  Tuesday, I took Evan in to see what was up, hoping he didn't have an ear infection.  Dr. Evans had a really hard time seeing into his ear drum and believed there was something in his ear...her thought was a crayon!  Oh Goody!  So off to the ENT we went on Wednesday.  Conclusion...lots of ear wax!  Thank God it wasn't a crayon...even though he probably could have made a crayon with the amount of wax build up in his ear!

Now on to Zoe!  Zoe started school on Tuesday and...yes....she is already sick!  We had to opt out of school on Thursday due to a 101 temp and she was just pathetic!  With a little pain relief and movie day...she seemed to be doing a little bit better.  Friday, she was up like normal, being her silly self but as the day continued she just got worse and worse.  I hate seeing my babies sick!  You just know their little bodies are hurting so much.  Her fever spiked again in the middle of the night and this morning she was complaining about her ear hurting.  Ear drops in today, more pain relief and more movies!  Prayers welcome here too!

So this week has been so out of the norm for me...sick kids, doctors, specialist...I avoid these situations as often as possible!  Hopefully, we are getting all our ouchies out at the same time and we will have a wonderful healthy fall and winter!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Anniversary Weekend Away

Zach and I realized this weekend that we really haven't had just a weekend away...Just the 2 of us!  He has gone somewhere or I have or we both have but different places...but not together in a long time!  I have to say it was 100% I am sure all you other marrieds would agree.
Friday afternoon, Zach and I headed to Topsail, NC for a little getaway.  One of my great friends from high school got married this weekend there, so we jumped on the opportunity to spend a couple extra days to celebrate our 4th and relax.  It was WONDERFUL!

Topsail is like a hidden treasure.  I would go back there every year with the kids and family if we could.  Everything was so family friendly, low key and just the perfect beach vacation.  The condo we stayed at was on the beach and everything else was either a bike ride or short drive away.  And the beach was just awesome!
Zach and I slept in, relaxed, took walks on the beach, played cards, got ice cream...watched football....and we just reconnected!  Once you have children, time alone to remember your marriage comes first is a must and so hard sometimes.  It is difficult leaving the kids, but we come back better parents and have a chance to remind ourselves why we started this whole family in the first place!
 Sunday night, we got all dressed up and headed to a romantic dinner at was delicious!  Zach was in heaven because he got fresh seafood!
Thursday is our 4th Wedding Anniversary!  Yay for us!  What an amazing 4 years it has happy at times and so hard at others...but hand in hand...we can do anything!  Love this man beyond what I ever thought possible!