Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never too Early!

Let the Planning Begin!

I am in full swing planning mode for Zoe Jane's 2nd Birthday Bash! I like to start early so I can spread out costs and really find exactly what I want. I love birthdays!!!

Last year...I feel like Zoe's birthday celebration was more celebrating that we made it! We conquered the first year and survived and that deserved a celebration! A 1 year old is still so little and Zoe was really exhausted by the whole thing! SO much to see and hear and do....she just fell right asleep on me. This year will be a different story and I want to cater to that!

I love that Zoe's birthday is in the Fall and we can do things outside still because it is just crisp and perfect weather. This year I have decided to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme...big surprise I know. But it is what she LOVES and I want her to get excited about the decorations when she sees them.

We will be having her party at our house probably the weekend before her actual birthday. I am thinking cupcakes and cookies and a cute smash cake for her...made by The Dessert Box, of course. I already have gotten everything for party favors and I am looking into balloons and decorations.

I would really, really love to find a way to get a life size Mickey Mouse or Minnie to come surprise all the kids, but that is still in the works. So many ideas...we will see which one make it! Oh I can't wait.... I love a party!


Phillips Family said...

Not sure if you read this blog or not, but she made some cute Mickey invites:

momofbugs said...

I'll be looking around for Zoe and Rylee when I get home from class. That will be a great way to chill out after a final exam!

Hollyhand House said...

We are doing Mickey/Minnie too! I have also already starting buying a few things!! :)