Friday, October 28, 2011

Hamilton Mill Halloween Party

 I loved dressing Zoe and Evan up and heading over to Zach's work for a fun kid's party.  This year we had a Pretty Princess and Mickey Mouse!  We had such a great time at the party!
Zoe loved that there was tons of candy on every table...this kind of spoiled dinner....but oh well!
Zach was in charge of the hay ride around the course.  The kids LOVED this! 

 And of course there was dancing!  Zoe had an absolute blast on the dance floor.  She tried to do everything the big kids did during the cha-cha slide....just 5 seconds behind :) 
And we have a little artist on our hands.  Zoe did not want to leave this table....she painted and painted that little pumpkin til it could be painted no more.  Thank goodness the paint was washable because she also painted her little costume....I had to tell myself to relax and enjoy the fact that she was having a good time.  We were much better after this ;) 
 Zoe also got tattooed...she sat so still for the girl doing it and was so excited when she got done and saw all the glitter.
 As it got later, Zoe got a little tired....well really tired.  She started to throw one of her wonderful tantrums (in front of everyone!!!) and I have learned I just have to ignore them.  Well, the photographer Hamilton Mill hired thought this we so funny so she fueled the fire!  Zoe thought it was hilarious to lay on the ground and then look around to see who was watching.
 It actually helped her mood quite a bit and we were able to enjoy the rest of the party until Zach got done with the rides. 
And we attempted a family shot....I have a feeling this is how our family pictures will look until I can bribe Zoe to smile....I really look forward to when this happens!

Happy Halloween!!! 

Play Time

 I love that we have family that lives close!!!
Kimberly, Carson and Colin headed over this week to play...
I love these kids so much and I am so excited they will get to grow up together and see each other often! Poor Zoe will be outnumbered, but she will just learn to hang!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Roll Tide Roll

This past weekend, we headed down to Tuscaloosa to tailgate for the UT game! I could not wait to see my Zoe Zoo in her little cheerleading outfit! We met The Hollyhand's out on the quad to play and grab a bite to eat.
Walking through the streets, you could hear gasps and "awws" and "oh my gosh, there are two!" It made me and Zach laugh so much.
Zoe Jane and Anna Riley had a blast on the bouncy and Evan and Ava Kate took great naps!!!

For lunch, we got BBQ nachos from Big Bad Wolves....only the best BBQ ever!!! They only set up on the strip during football season...I would drive from Atlanta just for this...not kidding! But I have the added bonus of getting to spend time with great friends when we come into it is hitting two birds with one stone :) 
After leaving the quad, we headed to The Hollyhand's for the night to watch the games. The girls had so much fun playing outside....Anna Riley was helping Zoe steer....good thing it is a big yard.
 And then they took turns swinging and cute!
Anna Riley was quite the flirt with Mr. Zach. She would come right next to him and bat her eyes and giggle and run away. She liked giving him big hugs.....
and of course....a fist bump!
I loved snuggling these two little ones. This trip I got to meet Miss Ava Kate. Such a beautiful little girl!!! She made Evan look so big!
The next morning, the girls looked so cute in their pjs! I can't wait for them to really get to have slumber parties!
We had so much fun while visiting...wish we could do it more often!

Monday, October 24, 2011

You Did What!?!

Rickey and Zelda always joke saying that they will take our kids back home anytime, for weeks or as long as we will let them.  I never thought I would be ready for Zoe to go to Grandma's this soon, but when we were leaving the beach, something told me it was a good time.  So Zach and I discussed Zoe spending the rest of the week at Grandma and Grandaddy's house and we both thought it was a good idea.

So we brought it up to Grandma at breakfast and I thought she was going to fall out of her chair with excitement.  Right then, she was ready to go so we wouldn't change our minds.  We didn't.  Packing Zoe into their car was really hard...I definitely cried once we got back to our car.  Zoe ended up staying in Alabama from Monday to Saturday morning.....way too long!!! We missed her so much, but it was really good for all of us!

I was so surprised whenever I told anyone where Zoe was, every person said, "You did what!"  I think my mom was the most surprised of all...haha.

Zoe had an absolute blast!  She would not even stop to talk to us on the phone...we tried like 10 times a day.  While Zoe was at Grandma's, she got to spend an afternoon with her Aunt Holly, Uncle Jared, Ian and Tucker.  She also got to go to her Aunt Misty's office and meet all her coworkers.  She got to then spend the afternoon with her Uncle Shawn and Kendall, playing dress up.  She rode the barbie four wheeler by herself and played her little heart out.  From what Grandma said, she slept great and ate okay...but I am pretty sure Zelda wouldn't tell me if anything went wrong ;) 

At home, I got to relax and sleep in with my little man.  Man was it quiet!  I painted Evan's nursery and dresser.  I ran lots of errands and tried to check some things off my list that are harder to do with 2.  We attended an amazing XLT at our Church and had game night at our house.  Our week was full and busy, but 5 days was just too long. 

Saturday morning finally arrived and I couldn't wait to get my baby girl back.  Zach and I fought over who would hold her first...I beat him to her!!!  Nothing felt better than hearing her say Mommy and get a big hug!  I wish Grandma and Grandaddy lived closer because I think we could do this again maybe for a weekend...but 5 days was just way too long! 

One of the main reasons why I let Zoe go is because I didn't get anything like this growing up.  My grandparents all lived plane rides away and my aunts and uncles were not really present either.  The fact that Zoe got to spend time with so many important people in her life while away made the trip so worth it.  I loved hearing that she was visiting with someone new every day and making memories with them!  I love that my kids have such amazing Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles...they are truly blessed!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Fun in the Sun!

Our last day on vacation came way too fast! The beach was a little too much work for all of we decided to spend the last day at the pool. The wind was much calmer Sunday and we were able to actually enjoy the pools and slides without freezing!

Zoe loved the slides!!! Zach got quite a work out walking up the stairs!

And while Daddy and Zoe played on the slides, Mommy laid out and drank a yummy Margarita. Ahhhh!

Zoe wore herself out and took an awesome nap at the pool! So did Daddy!

We ate dinner at DeSoto's this night and it was DELICIOUS!!!

And we had to play putt-putt before we left!
We had an absolute blast on our family vacation! I can't wait to do it again!