Monday, July 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Reveal

Now.....don't be expecting a HGTV Divine Design reveal or anything here....this the best I could do on a budget....but I am VERY PROUD!!! I love how our room turned out and it feels so comfy and calming....exactly what you want a Master Bedroom to be.

It all started with a Craig's List headboard buy....
And a little paint....
I bought our bedding from Homegoods back in February...

Then on to the furniture....We were given this furniture from Kimberly and Cory when we moved into our house....I think it was a win/win...they didn't want it taking up space and we needed storage. Once again....just a little paint and it is exactly what I hoped it would be. The long dresser is in the Master Bedroom and the tall dresser is being used in Zoe's room.
We first sanded all the pieces down, then primed, then painted. The pieces for the Master were a piece of cake to paint. Painting things white is a whole other story...not a fan of painting can paint and paint and still not feel like it is done. The green pieces took 2 coats. The white...umm...I think 5.
Here is one of the side tables...also from Homegoods. LOVE that place! The only two I liked that matched were red and black....not a just paint them! A little paint goes a long way :)

And here is everything in place.
Our Bedroom has become the place we always want to be....we love cuddling up in bed and playing a game or just relaxing or maybe eating pretzels dipped in chocolate...okay that was just me last night.

There are still a few things we need to get...a bedskirt and some new sheets. I also need to get hardware for the "new dresser"...and I found ones at Home Depot that I love in the brushed nickel finish.
The two lamps are guessed it....Homegoods. The piece above the bed is from Hobby is wrought iron and we painted it to go better with the room.
I got these frames from Target and the sheers from Walmart. I think I hung the frames a little bit we might be moving them down a little. And I hope to add more frames as I get more pictures I want to hang. It is a big it will be able to hold lots more memories.
This little collage frame is near and dear to my heart. A family friend made this for Zach and me after Oliver passed. It includes my last letter to Oliver, a picture from one of our ultrasounds, a Bible verse from Jeremiah and I just love it...what better place to put it then right next to where I sleep :)

Here is our frame from our Wedding that everyone signed. There are so many sweet messages that everyone left for us wishing us well.
And the frames (hung too high) and I got a wall quote...I want to put a picture from our Maternity session in the middle and then a newborn of Zoe in one and a newborn of Baby #3 in the other.
I love how the side tables turned out!
Like I said...just need some hardware to finish the dresser!
And My Zoe Zoo! So glad she is home!

Zoe's New Big Girl Room Reveal Soon...


Hollyhand House said...

Looks great!!!

momofbugs said...

looks great~

Phillips Family said...

Wow! What a transformation, it looks so nice. We have that same iron decor above our bed too!

Courtney Long said...

looks really nice! love your oliver collage too.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Everything turned out fabulous...and doesn't it feel extra special to have put in all the effort to make it your own? Love the nightstands!