Sunday, July 24, 2011

37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of Baby: Baby #3 weighs about 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel. He/She is now considered "full term," even though DDay is three weeks away. His/Her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

Weight Gain: The scale says I gained 6lbs from Tuesday to now....and I believe at that I stop weighing myself....YIKES! I am going to deny that the scale is telling the truth and just carry on with the next 3 weeks as if weight doesn't exist. +40.

Maternity Clothes: If I can, I stay in my pjs all day...doesn't happen often, but I love it when it does. Otherwise, I wear my dresses. It is so hot...anything else makes me feel like I could just sweat to death!

Gender: My husband has such a great sense of humor...he suggested if we have a boy, we could just bring him home and give him a name funny, right? That will not be happening! I have a feeling it is between 2 names...we will see which one he picks. If we have a girl, we are good to go!

Movement: Movement is still the same...slowed down, but still have some low.

Sleep: Not good at all this week. I don't know if I am just preparing myself for late nights or what, but I had a hard time sleeping almost every night. I think it mainly has to do with sleeping with Zach though. I get so hot and there is just not enough room for the 3 of us. I can't roll over without running into Zach and getting comfortable is harder....And Zach steals my pillow for my legs! Sleeping uprate has been most comfortable, so the couch is working well.

Symptoms: I have had a lot of cramping, menstrual like. Not really too painful, but very uncomfortable and noticeable. Still have the Braxton Hicks. I have had some bad back pain on my right side from the weight gain I am sure. Some swelling, mainly in my legs and feet and more in the mornings or if I have been on my feet too long. Walking is just getting harder and harder and I look so ridiculous. Really feel like a bowling ball is between my legs, Baby is so low!

I am really loving my sweets. It is really all I want and all I think about. So, I have gotten Fudge Pops...fat free. But I did make Monkey Bread Saturday morning and enjoyed a lot of cake at the Birthday Party....SO GOOD!!!

Best Moment of the Week: We checked another thing off our list! We got my car cleaned and installed the carrier car seat! Zach finally gave in...I really don't think he realizes that there are only 3 weeks left until this baby arrives...maybe less...and he only has 1 more weekend off from work. So, I am glad we got this done now...even though I thought I was going to die doing it!

I am going to deep clean one room at a time...I don't think I could do the whole house in one night like I normally do. We are going to have to get a couple things from the attic, like burp clothes and receiving blankets, little booties and some onsies. And I think we will be prepared...even though all these things can be done once the baby arrives, it just makes me feel better knowing they are done beforehand. I am so excited!!!!!

Appointment on Tuesday!

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Phillips Family said...

I would definitely advise not cleaning the whole house in one day, I did this on Friday, then we had the party on Saturday and today I feel awful, like I have the flu or something. Take it easy!