Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zoe's 1st Camping Trip!

Let me just start by saying that I have to most awesome husband!  After the Men's Retreat in March, some of the guys had decided to take the oldests camping over the summer.  I was so excited for Zoe and Zach and I knew it would be such an awesome time!  I grew up camping and absolutely loved every second, so of course, my hopes would be that Zoe would, too!  

The month leading up to the trip, we talked to Zoe about camping and everything she would be doing and how fun it would be.  Zoe is not an outdoors person, so I thought some pumping up was necessary.  Turns out....the girl had so much fun and can't wait to camp again!

Saturday morning, Zach, Zoe, Ben, Flint, Brad and Nick headed to Lake Burton for the night!

This is probably my favorite picture from the really captures all their little personalities and I think it is hilarious!
 Once they got camp set up, it was off to play in the water falls!

Mr. Jenny (also known as Ben) skipping rocks...
 Zoe skipping rocks...

 Back at camp, they cooked out hot dogs and s;mores, of course!  Hearing some of the stories about the weekend just made my day.  Zoe is such a girly girl...the boy were playing with sticks and I am sure doing very boy things and Zoe invited them to come twirl and decorate her castle.  I couldn't stop laughing because this is her to a tee.

 Best daddy in the world...he even made a toilet paper holder for her!

Following the leader, the leader, the leader....
Sunday morning, they packed up and headed to Covecrest for Mass...a perfect ending to any weekend if you ask me!
It seriously just makes me fall more and more in love with Zach seeing him be such an amazing Daddy.  And having other men be a part of Zach's life that help him strengthen his faith and make him be a better father is just an absolute gift from God!

Zoe's 1st Camping trip was a complete success!  I can't wait for us to get to camp as a family!

Oink, Oink!

After about two years of talk...Zach finally did it!  He had a pig roast over his fire pit in our backyard.  I had many hesitations with this...I truly never thought it would actually happen!  But it did and it ended up being an absolute blast!  Anything that brings people together is a positive in my book!

 It was an all day event, so it was good that Zach had company!
 And a house full of kids is just heaven for me...having all our friends and their family over was just wonderful!

A perfect summer day if you ask me!  Way to go, Hubby!

Been workin' at the Car Wash...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I just realized I never posted about our Memorial Day Weekend!  Shame on me!

We had an amazingly LOOONNNGGG weekend!  These are none existent for us usually unless Zach takes vacation.  Zach had a half day Friday and Monday off.  It was so wonderful to get to spend so much time together as a family!  We planned a great weekend full of fun things to do in our area.

Each morning we started with a yummy breakfast on the deck...included chocolate chip waffles, eggs, bacon and fruit....and coffee of course!  The weather was ridiculously perfect.  All we wanted to do was be outside.
Saturday afternoon, we headed to Suwanee Town Center to eat lunch with The Femiano's and the play in the fountains.  My kids just love those fountains!

Saturday evening, we took full advantage of The Mall of Ga's Memorial Weekend events!  We grilled some chicken and headed to the lawn for live music and a picnic dinner.  Once the sun went down, Movie Under the Stars was planned and they played Brave, one of Zoe's favorites!  Unfortunately, I did not plan for a really cold night at the end of May!  We made it about half way through the movie before packing up and heading home.  We had such a great time!

Sunday, we had a great morning at Mass and then met with our family at the Gwinnett Braves game!  Not sure if we went to watch baseball because it seemed like all we did was EAT!  But we had a blast none the less.

After a busy weekend, we all slept in and just relaxed on Monday!  I love long weekends!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sweet 16

Is it sad that sometimes I totally forget that I am pregnant?!?!

I mean the growing bump is a reminder and the sporadic kicks are amazing...but goodness life is busy and there is no time to sit around and count the days as they go by.  It is hilarious how different every pregnancy is and how with each I change.

Week 16 has almost come and gone and life is good!  I had a great checkup with my midwife, Diane.  Zoe got to come with me and it was so much fun to get to have her there!  Diane is amazing and just had a blast with Zoe.  She told Zoe that she was her nurse, gave her the stethoscope and just made Zoe's day!  Zoe helped put the jelly on my tummy and held the Doppler as we listened to the heart beat.  Once we found it, Zoe got so excited!  It was a moment I will never forget.  Diane even paid Zoe for her time with starbursts!

It is so fun having a child who, somewhat, understands what is going on.  I say somewhat because Zoe asked if she could to go to the store to get a leash so she could pull the baby out.  Zoe is 100% convinced Baby is a girl.  She will argue with you if you tell her otherwise.

Since we have decided to find out the sex of this baby, we are in countdown mode to our 20 week ultrasound!  25 more days!

June is going to be a fun filled month with lots to look forward to!  I have a trip to Stone Mountain planned for this week as well as a play date with The Buerglers!  Kids $1 movies and Library story times start up!  We have a fun night planned with my sisters and fam for next weekend and Zach is FINALLY having his pig roast that has been talked about for almost 2 years.  Throw Father's Day in there and then I have my annual girl's beach weekend near the end of the month and Zoe and Zach are going camping!  To finish out the month, Zoe is going to her fist summer camp, we have our 20 week appointment and my birthday.  Jam packed and so fun!

We will be at our half way point before we know it!