Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Henry's 1st Bath!

Henry's umbilical cord took FOREVER to fall off and we were told not o fully bathe him until it had.  Unfortunately, it fell off one night after getting caught on my shirt.  I definitely freaked out because it was not fully healed!  I totally thought I ruined his belly button.  Luckily, it healed great and Henry finally got his first bath!


Zoe's 4th Birthday Party

How has 4 years already passed since we welcomed our baby girl into this world!?!?  Time just keeps on flying by!  Zoe was so excited to celebrate her birthday this year.  It seemed like a daily conversation...when is my birthday!  I decided the smartest thing to do was have her party early and somewhere other than our house since we were welcoming Henry very close to her actual birthday.  After looking around, I decided on Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland!  I thought it would be fun since Zoe would soon be going to a hospital to welcome her new brother!

All of Zoe's sweet little girlfriends (and Mommy's too) caravaned through the mountains to the hospital.

 My precious 4 year old!

 The Cabbage Patch!
We started the party with cupcakes and presents.  Then we walked around the nursery areas before the birth of the cabbage patch baby.

Since Zoe was the birthday girl, she got to decide if the baby being born was a boy or girl and what the name would be.  She chose a boy, which really surprised me, and named it Henry (of course)!  The birth was so cute.  All the girls loved it.
 After the birth, the nurse took "Henry" to the nursery to be weighed and bathed.
 Then all the girls got to hold the new bundle of joy!  Good Practice!

 I had every intention of getting Zoe her own Cabbage Patch doll and going through the adoption and so on....Zoe could have cared less.  Finally, before the hospital closed, Zoe chose this random princess doll and a cat.
 Such a fun day celebrating our special girl and her 4th birthday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Henry's 1st Week

Isn't it just crazy how life changes so much bringing a baby home, but it feels just as it should be.  We have been getting used to our new normal and having Henry home has been just perfect.  I definitely think Evan is having to adjust the most.  Not because he was the baby, but because he is a boy and rough and doesn't know his own strength.  There have been a lot of "nos", "don't touch", "be gentle", "stop!" and unfortunately lots of time outs...he is two ya know!  Zoe's life has chagned very little by Henry's arrival.  She has been so helpful and such a good big sister but also has also become very bossy, motherly towards Evan!  We have to remind her often that it isn't her business to discipline Evan.  Both kiddos love to hold Henry and Zoe makes sure he is with us everywhere we go.

Henry...well....he eats, sleeps and poops.

Henry has been breastfeeding great!  He has been eating every 3-4 hours, but I let him tell me when he is hungry.  One night this week, he slept 6 1/2hrs straight....never wake a sleeping baby!

As his first week went along, Henry had more and more alert hours and not all sleep.

Zach and I were so excited to bring Henry to Mass.  We had the inevitable argument of who brings the baby up to receive his first blessing.  Zach argued a good point and he got to take him up.  Everyone was so congratulatory and wished us all the best with our sweet Henry.  I just love our church community and I can't wait to get more and more involved!

 I can't believe how much our sweet boy has changed in a week!

Baby Snuggles!

We headed home on Monday morning and I could not wait to just be home!  Since arriving, we have had so many visitors and I just love sharing Henry with all our friends and family.  People just can't help love baby snuggles!

Ally and Rylee were visiting with their cousins on Henry's birthday, so they came over to meet Henry before heading back to Hunstville.
Zoe's Gommy couldn't pass up on baby snuggles...Jenny, Ben and the boys came over Monday night for dinner and to meet Henry!
We were so fortunate to have Grandma stay for our first week home to help me adjust and recover.
Over the weekend, Shawn, Misty and their girls came to get some cuddles in, too!  

Our sweet Goddaughter, Brooke, and Michelle came for a visit on Sunday!  Brooke was so cute holding Henry...the minute she got him, she said, "He is so beautiful!"  And yes, I started crying.
And Ponchito was in town all week and got lots of snuggles!  

I say this all the time, but only because it is true....we have the absolute best family and friends.  It makes me tear up thinking about how abundantly blessed we are by the people in our lives.  God is so good!