Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And Its Only Going to Get Hotter....

Atlanta has been RIDICULOUS the last week or two in the weather department. Heat is one thing...and then you add humidity and it takes the heat to a whole new level. But, I absolutely hate having to keep Zoe inside just because I get too hot being outside...so we packed up our lunch and headed to the park!
Zoe chose to eat lunch in the mini play house at the park...this was really fun to try and fit into at 35 weeks pregnant!

Little Ms. Independent carried her lunch around because she was ready to play!
Climbing the stairs all by herself...these steps really still freak her out and I have no idea why. She is very careful!
"I DID IT!" she screams every time she gets to the top.

Zoe made a friend...but I am pretty sure the little girl just wanted Zoe's crackers. But Zoe was so sweet and shared with her right away!

Like I said...it was HOT! Zoe and I both didn't last too long....an hour did us in and made for a great nap when we got home!

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