Tuesday, July 19, 2011

36 Week Check Up

I had my appointment this morning with one of the midwives I hadn't met before, Diane. She was calm and very motherly...I liked her!

My blood pressure, temp, pulse, and urine all came back great. I seriously wish it got easier peeing in a cup the more you did it...I have had A LOT of practice...and it doesn't get any easier! My weight there was +32...so there I had no weight gain....

The Baby's heart rate was 140s and I measured 35cm. I am perfectly fine with that...it really does show consistency throughout my pregnancy. From the get go, I have always measured a week behind compared to what they wanted me to be at. Baby is still healthy and is still baking...that is all that matters at this point. One thing I do need to take into consideration is that with Zoe, she came on her due date...this Baby #3's due date could be a week different than what I am counting down to...and that is once again, a-ok with me. Baby #3 will make it's arrival when it is ready...in God's Timing. I am not going to freak out if I hit 41/42 weeks...because obviously the Baby needed it...It isn't going to be in there forever :)

I also discussed with this midwife my intentions during labor...for a natural birth, no intervention. I hinted toward us wanted her help if she was the midwife on call and she said she will be as present as we want her to. Very reassuring and I told her it would be greatly appreciated!

I go back weekly now. I am hoping to meet the last midwife that I haven't met yet. And I get checked for the first time next week to see if I have thinned or dilated any. I thought they were going to check this week, but I only had the Strep B test done. No big :)

Overall a good, positive check up and I am still very excited and counting down!!!!

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