Monday, July 18, 2011

Zoe Jane's Room Reveal!

I am so excited with how Zoe's Big Girl Room turned out! I got the bedding, sheets and curtains from Pottery Barn Kids. I wanted something that she could grow into and I thought the Paisley Pattern was perfect for that. And what girl's room isn't perfect with a little polka dot!? I choose this specific wall color because I thought any more pink would be too much. The periwinkle was a perfect complimentary color to really make the pinks POP! And it was still "girly"!Zoe does not have many toys...all fit nicely into this storage unit. To be honest...these toys are enough for her. She is never bored and I would rather us be outside playing or going somewhere with her than playing with toys in her room all day. I got this unit from Target. I really liked it because if we do need more storage later, I can get another unit and attach it right to the top of this one.

This is the Book Shelf Zach made for Zoe for her birthday. I think it is so cute and I hope to turn it into a dollhouse as she gets older. It will be perfect!

We got Zoe's Bunk Beds off of Craig's List. A Kid's Room Designer buys extra beds when decorating and if she doesn't use them, she sells them on Craig's List...a total STEAL! She called these "Kid Size" bunk beds. They are not as tall as regular bunks beds. I like them because the top bunk is not as far from the ground and comes to my shoulders. Perfect for giving Goodnight Kisses when Zoe is old enough to sleep on the top :)

Here is the dresser we painted. It worked out perfectly. I still need to get some drawer pulls, but I think it fits great into the room.

I got the lamp shade from Pottery Barn Kids and the stand from Target. The wall art I got off Etsy's and it is our night time prayer we say with Zoe. I wanted something to break up the white dresser and lamp, so I got this felt place mat from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

We also added a dimmer switch to the lamp and it makes for a perfect night light.
I got this wall hook from Hobby Lobby for Zoe's bath towel or coats during the winter. Just a little something decorative.

I have gone back a forth with other ways to decorate Zoe's room. I thought about doing a monogram wall with pictures, but decided not to. I think what I have decided is to paint her window wall with magnetic paint so we can use the walls for hanging magnetic pictures or her Alphabet Letter and Numbers...or really anything that I make magnetic. I love that you can apply the magnetic paint and then paint right over it with whatever color you want! I think it will be something fun!

Hope you love her room as much as I do!


Phillips Family said...

Very cute!

Christina said...

It's adorable! For the drawer pulls have you considered using ribbon? I did that in my room as a kid and its fun because you can mix and match colors and change them out every couple years for a new look.

Rebecca said...

I DID think of ribbon...that is so funny! Now that I know it worked for someone else...I just might do that!

claire said...

It looks so cute! I love the wall decal. I have a wooden sign that has that prayer hanging above my bed.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Love the periwinkle walls...great choice! Love the paisley...cute, fun and room to grow. But my favorite may have to be that sweet bookcase Zach made! And of course the monkey climbing the ladder! :) Super job, Rebecca.

mary said...

so cute, love the polka dots! we did the pottery barn blackout curtains too, they're great :)