Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoe's Potty

Zoe is extremely interested in the Bathroom...she loves to go with you when you go "Pee" so I thought it was about time to introduce her to her own potty. Now everytime I go to the bathroom, which is every 15 minutes lately, Zoe follows me in and sits on her potty while Mommy goes potty. And we start to talk about all things potty related.

I saw this book a long time ago at a bookstore in Fairhope. I said that if Zach and I had a little girl, I would be getting this book (the boy version of the book is Zack's Potty). I think it is such a cute little book and Zoe is loving it! When we have our potty discussions, we usually open this up and look at the pictures right now...she is not crazy about listening to all the words yet...but I get a couple key ones in every so often.

Zoe likes sitting on the potty, but doesn't sit for long periods of time....we are taking all this very slowly and I have no expectations.

Zoe is too busy to sit on the potty....she has way more fun pulling the potty apart and playing inside it.

We are having fun getting used to our next milestone....


Phillips Family said...

I am so lost when it comes to this topic....I heard that girls are easier than boys to train. Somedays he will sit on it and we read a book, and other days he wants nothing to do with it.

Candace said...

Girl - you are doing it right! The woman who kept Addison last year (at home day care) always talks about not forcing potty training because it is one thing kids can control (and not go!). Good luck when the real trying starts. I'm sure with all the talk when the time comes she will take right to it. Good luck!

aimymichelle said...

girls are way easier to potty train. i know a few poeple who got their girls potty trained in a few months.