Sunday, July 17, 2011

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 Weeks....28 More Days until Due Date

Size of Baby: Baby #3 is packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. It now weighs almost 6 pounds (like a crenshaw melon) and is more than 18 1/2 inches long.

Weight Gain: +34...I am seeing numbers on the scale that scare me to death! But with this pregnancy, I have learned that gaining weight IS a good thing! I know I will loose it all and hopefully some extra!

Maternity Clothes: Tank tops are getting shorter and shorter...definitely feeling my workout pants fit differently...all things are getting tighter. Mainly wearing dresses, but sometimes need to wear a cover up because my girls are just not fitting into my medium dresses very well anymore. I am almost there!!!!

Gender: Oh my husband has done it again! And I knew he would...boy's name is back up for discussion :( I LOVED our boy's name....but for some reason he does not anymore. We love our girl's name which makes me think we are having a girl! With Zoe, between Zoe Jane and Benjamin Thomas....Zach LOVED Zoe Jane and was so, so with Ben. With Oliver, between Oliver Thomas and Madelyn Grace....Zach and I LOVED Oliver!!! Whatever name we LOVE...we have that gender. So I think we are having a girl at this moment. But maybe once we pick a boy's name for good..only 28 more days....I will feel differently.

Movement: I can almost always feel little feet, but movement is definitely slowing down more and more...but still lots of movement from the baby's head. From the movement, I have had more cramps and some pain in my bottom.

Sleep: Sleep has been great! I only had one night this week that I couldn't get comfortable in bed and had to go to the couch. In fact, most of the week, I have felt over rested! Imagine that! I am not getting used to it, but it is really nice. Saturday, I woke up on my own at 7:30, read my book, made my breakfast, enjoyed my quiet time....before Zoe woke up at 9:15. It was really nice.

Symptoms: Many Braxton Hicks....they are really uncomfortable at times and if the Baby's feet are under my belly button during the contraction...they really hurt. Foods didn't make me sick this week which was GREAT! Everything is just getting a little bit harder the bigger I get. I can tell I am retaining some water in my legs...they look really gross to me....but no swelling that is excessive. Waddling is my way of getting around now.

I have been getting really hungry at night...I could eat all night long. And I am still loving my sweets....all things sweet are welcome my way. So excited for Birthday Cake this weekend! Yes, I am already looking forward to eating on Saturday (sad).

Best Moment of the Week: We had a great week at The Phillips' House. We went to the park, played at the pool, had dinner with friends, celebrated my Goddaughter's Baptism (more in another post), and had Daddy home early majority of the week since the weather was cooler...we stayed busy which is probably why I slept so good.
This picture just makes my week. I love how much my little girl loves her Daddy. In the morning, she walks by our room and asks for Daddy and every time he comes home she runs to the door screaming "Daddy". Once he gets home, she wants to be right by his side. She just has so much fun with him!

I look forward so much to bringing another little one into our home! We have lots of love to give and I can't wait!


momofbugs said...

Now I am really glad we don't know the name so a change won't be a big deal. I hope you can decide on something quick!

claire said...

You look great! Can't wait to find out what the name is when the baby arrives!

Elizabeth said...

I love that you're already excited for birthday cake a week away! haha :)

Rebecca said...

Just to defend myself...My MIL birthday cake is AMAZING!!!! You would look forward to it too! :)

Hollyhand House said...

I agree with Christy, I am so glad I don't know or else Zach would be hearing it! He will probably change it while in the hospital too! haha