Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Letter W

Y'all....I swear planning out our weeks is like a full time job!  Obviously, a job that is unbelievably rewarding...but time consuming non the less.  Seeing Zoe get so excited to cut a piece of paper or eat something she helped me make is amazing.

This week is all about W.

No Saint really stuck out to me, so we are skipping that is week.  Actually, come to think of it, our week is more Pinterest driven than curriculum driven.  We are continuing our verse memorization!  Zoe has really done well with this which is such a surprise.  I never realized how smart these little 3 year old brains are...they are sponges!

Our Verse this Week is for Witness:

Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!
1 Corinthians 9:16

There are a couple topics that I want to touch upon with W but 2 that I really want to focus on!  Here is the layout of our week!

Monday, we are going to have a visit to the park for some Walking and I had some old bread so we could feed the geese.  We will also be collecting Wood chips on our Walk for a W craft when we get home.

Tuesday begins with Story Time at our local library and we will be checking out new books all about W; either ones that start with the letter or ones that revolve around something that begins with W.  I have a creative lunch planned, too!  After naps, it is all about WORMS!  I have a story on CD that we will listen to and follow along in our books, we have a fun inch worm craft and a great snack that I am sure you all can guess!

Wednesday, Zoe and I will head to Mass for our weekly date!  I am so loving this time!  After Mass, I am going to explain to her Holy Water!  She has been blessing herself with Holy Water for as long as I can remember...so an explanation is necessary!  To continue the water theme, we are going to go home and have water fun outside (pray for great weather!) and paint with watercolors!

Thursday is going to be all about The Days of the Week!  I have some songs that will be great and a poster that we are going to hang in Zoe's room. Not sure yet if I am going to start assigning her different things depending on the day...we will see how she takes to the initial teaching of the Week.  

We are moving Family Movie Night to Thursday this week.  We will watching "Secret Wings" (if she earns enough tickets, of course), the new Tinkerbell movie.  I thought it would be fun to make our own wings and dress up to watch the movie!  

Friday, we have Ballet in the morning and hopefully a playdate with friends!  Friday Night, Zach and Zoe are off to their first Daddy & Daughter Dance at church!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Children's Hands On Museum...in pictures!

A Week: Wednesday

A is for Apple...Ants on a Log and Animal Crackers!  Such a fun lunch which started our Wednesday. 
 We took the morning rather slow and relaxed with some books and just play time.  11:00 am rolled around and I served up some lunch.

Zoe had an absolute ball with her lunch.  She was a little bit skeptical at first with celery and peanut butter...but after the first bit she was good to go!  We also had to make noises with each animal cracker!  
 Evan loved lunch too...but I am not sure there is a time when he hasn't!

 Since lunch is a rather long event for Zoe on most days, we took a break from actually eating and started the things I had planned.

We started with painting!  I thought it would be fun to paint all our favorite AUNTS a picture and mail it to them!  Zoe loves painting so I thought it would be great to paint with a purpose!

After our fun Aunt craft, we moved on to talking about our saint of the week, Saint Anthony.  While Zoe colored, I told her a little bit about St. Anthony and then I told her his prayer...and she thought it was really funny.

Time to earn some tickets!  Like I said, this ticket system has been working wonderfully!  We have added "helping with the dishwasher" as a way to earn tickets for her Movie Night.  Zoe and Evan do the silverware and they both love it.  It is also a great way for Zoe to learn to sort things out!

 I had one last craft on the agenda for our fun filled "A" day!  This Angel craft including painting, coloring, cutting and gluing! Wahoo!  

She is so proud of her angel!  She talks about her all the time and how we have to keep her high on the fridge so Evan doesn't rip her.

Our mail runs really late, so when Daddy got home...Zoe and I got ready to go to the library before dinner.  We headed to the mailbox first to drop off our letters.  This is a picture of Zoe talking on her "cell phone" on her way to the mailbox....or so she says.

After the library and dinner, Daddy had a awesome fire to help us unwind with for the night....
 Evan had plans of his own!