Friday, June 29, 2012

Working Hard

Who says hard work can't be fun!?!  

Evan is such a trooper and really doing amazing the last week since our first therapy session.  I can't believe how just a few specific exercise have helped him so much!  I really feel like our little guy just needed to be shown what he was capable of and I am so grateful for the help!
 Can you see his 1st little tooth on the bottom!?!

 Wednesday night, Zach got a great video of Evan getting in the crawling position and moving!!!  He is getting it and I am so very proud of him!

Another exercise I have been doing with him is helping him learn to sit up on his own.

 I did it Mommy!
 And while we are hard at work...Zoe sits on the potty and reads a book....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Evan's 1st Day of Therapy

We finally got Baby Can't Wait on the calendar for our first day of therapy....summer is so tough sometimes with holidays,!

3 therapists came yesterday to evaluate Evan and his development.  They performed an interactive evaluation of his various therapist worked with him strictly on his gross motor skills, the other two watched and evaluated in other areas.  It was a little overwhelming to say the least.

I had a knot in my throat and was on the verge of tears almost the whole session...partly because you hate to  know something isn't perfect with your child (whatever it is) and partly because watching him yesterday pointed out even more how behind he is.  The therapists were so encouraging!

Due to the test they performed, Evan is showing progress of a 7 or 8 month old rather than a 10 month old.  He has a delay in his gross motor skills, but Amy, his main therapist, is so confident with strict exercises and quality time focusing on developing Evan...he will catch up in no time.  Amy's main goal is crawling!  But in order to do that, you have to take baby steps and develop other things as well.

It is so funny hearing some things that are so important to get a child to the crawling stage that I am not even sure I paid attention to with Zoe.  Zoe just did!

One of the main things that I will be helping Evan with is the turning of his body in order to get certain things.  If something is on his left, he uses his left hand and vice versa.  Amy wants me to encourage him to turn his torso to get objects with the opposite hand.  Amy thought, a lot like me, that because of Evan's affected a lot of activities he does that involve his stomach being crunched or twisted or probably hurt him, so he didn't do it.

I am going to explain some exercise we will be doing with him so anyone in a similar situation can be doing these too or someone who has a 7-8 month old can :)

Transferring Toys:  Put two objects in your hand.  Evan will grab one and I need to encourage him to transfer it to the other hand rather than dropping it so he can pick up the second object.

Rotation: When an object is on his left side, twist his torso and make him reach for the object with his right hand.

Head Movement: Encourage head movement to both sides and straight up, which is harder for Evan.  Help with balance!

Sitting Up: When Evan is lying down, I need to place on object on his right side.  Instead of letting him roll to get it which is what he has been doing, I hold his left hip to the ground and encourage him to get on his elbow and sit up.  I also have to do this anytime he has to get up....from sleeping, from changing his diaper, getting him off the floor from playing with toys.  I am going to make him work for it :)

Crawling Position:  While Evan is on his tummy, if I pinch his hips the reflex will make him automatically get in the crawling position.  I am supposed to do this often to build up his arm and stomach strength.

Clapping: Evan has clapped, but he doesn't do it we have to practice banging objects!  Zoe is going to love this one!

Amy will be visiting our home every other week until Evan is "good" in her eyes.

The main advise I can give to any Mommy, and this is really in any situation, listen to your intuition!  It is a God given gift and it is nothing to take lightly.  We all seem to talk to our friends and family or reason with ourselves that everything is fine.... sometimes everything isn't....whether something serious or not so serious....I am so glad we are on the road we are getting Evan going.  Yes, I know he will do it eventually...I am just so glad that I know can help him more effectively!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Potty Boot Camp

The last 3 days have been Potty Boot Camp here at The Phillips House!  And I must is going wonderfully smooth....knock on wood!

About a week ago, I tried to start Zoe potty training.  We set timers for every 30 minutes and I would take her to the potty and encourage her to go....totally didn't work for us.  She would get so upset she had to go to the bathroom AGAIN after going 20 times that day and she never once peed on the potty.  We all kept a really close eye on her, but the minute she could trick us and run away...she would find a corner or carpet and pee all over the place.  One thing I learned from this is that the girl can hold her bladder....a really long time!

So we stopped after the first day.  I left it up to that she wasn't mentally ready after talking to a couple other Mommies.  And I was okay with it.  I felt like the more ready she is...the easier it would be!  Little did I know...she would officially be ready not even a week later!

For all you Moms that are similar to me and really want their child to be ready when you start potty training...a good indication that they are ready is when they poop, take their diaper off by themselves and proceed to take their the toilet....BY HAND!!!

We started Full On Potty Training Monday.  We started by going to the grocery.  I let Zoe pick out what "surprise" she wanted, bought Clorox wipes and tons of juice.  Once we got home, the juice began in large quantities and I also force feed her all things salty...cheezits, popcorn....Camp was set up in the living room with a Toy Story Marathon and the potty front and center....and Zoe stripped to her birthday suit.

It took about an hour for her to go the first time.  I saw her start a little dance, her stomach was so tight it was about to explode...but she wouldn't sit down and pee.  So I had to bribe her to sit and right away she went.  Her face was so surprised.  I think she was scared she didn't do it right or something was wrong.  I quickly clapped and got so excited for her, telling her she did and I was so proud...she was so excited!  We wiped, got a surprise and then dumped the pee (I think this was her favorite part).  This continued 5 more times before nap time with no accidents!  I was so proud of her. 

Nap time she stayed dry...Yay!  And we continued the same routine through the day and she peed 7 more times on the potty before bed.  Around 4, she started to tell me her tummy hurt and that she had to poop....but kept saying "I can't Mommy, I can't."  So I kept telling her she would be able to when she was ready.  About 1 hour before bed, Zoe had her first Poop in the potty!  To say I freaked out with excitement is an understaffed.  I might have even taken a picture and sent it to love ones to share in the happiness (they didn't quite have the same reaction!).  Zoe went to bed soon after that and kept her diaper dry all night.  

Potty Boot Camp Day 1 = Success!

Day 2 started with Chocolate Milk because she kept her pull up dry all night and the training continued.  I was nervous Day 1 would have been forgotten but Zoe picked up right where we left off.  She started with a pee about 30 minutes after waking and soon after had her 2nd poop in the potty!  Also, Zoe no longer told me when she had to pee...she just would sit and then tell me when she was done.  Zoe also LOVES taking the potty to be dumped...which made me nervous.  A 2 year old carrying pee around the house is not the best situation!  But anything that made her excited, made me excited!  I had to drop the kids off with my sister for about an hour and Zoe continued her positive peeing in the potty!  At my Mom's, I laid Zoe down for a nap, but I am pretty sure she played the entire 3 hours she was in the room.  She also had a nice nasty waiting for me when I got 1 poopy accident for Day 2....but no pee!

Potty Boot Camp Day 2 = Success!

Day 3 started with a wet diaper in the chocolate milk which made Zoe a little bit sad....but the pull up was warm so I know it was quite recent.  So I told Zoe when she had her first pee pee, she could then have her milk....and it happened within minutes.  So, I thought we were good to go.  Being in the house,  exclusively with a 2 year old can make you a little crazy so I really wanted to get out.  Our friend had invited us to the pool, so I thought this would be a good time to start getting used to being out and about and pottying.  Wrong!  I got her dressed with panties and with in 15 minutes, she had her first pee accident.  She was so upset.  So we stayed home another day to practice more and she did great the rest of the day!  She peed all day and pooped twice!  She did have a wet diaper after nap...but I am okay with that as long as she stays dry all day at this point.

Potty Boot Camp Day 3 = Success!

So for the next couple days we are going to work on wearing clothes and panties and peeing!  Also I am going to move the potty into the bathroom!  Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Miscellany Monday

~Fun with Grammy!~
Wednesday we headed over to Grammy's for a day full of creative, hands-on FUN! 
All the kids made tye dye shirts with sharpies and rubbing alcohol. The little ones needed some help, but still had lots of fun drawing all over the place.
 Be still, my heart!

Then, we moved into the kitchen to make homemade ice cream....Yum! Carson and Zoe had so much fun stirring!

Here are our Tye Dye shirts!!!
And the ice cream was delicious!  Grammy put out all different toppings....Zoe definitely went with sprinkles!

~Father's Day~
After a busy, busy weekend in Alabama, my whole family got together Sunday night for dinner to celebrate all the Fathers and to wish farewell to Kaitlin!  Kaitlin is headed to Arizona for LifeTeen Summer Camp...please keep all of the missionaries and campers in your prayers!

We had a wonderful dinner, great margaritas and amazing homemade blueberry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream...ridiculous!  And we got a family photo!

~Getting Stronger~
Evan is now able to stand....for a very long time!  His balance has improved so much in the last month...and he has even started to pull himself up when he holds your fingers.  I am so happy with the strides he has made.  He also tolerates being on his knees and has begun to rock....he just doesn't get on his knees by himself still.
I have been putting him in front of the mirror a lot and he really loves it!

Gotta love that smile!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


These sales are awesome!  If you have kids...the tumblers with drip-less seals are a must and the snack cups make things so convenient!!!  And if you love sweet tea...these pitchers are perfect for you!
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If you are in Berry, AL...come down to The Blue House on Cty Rd 125 for Zelda's Party on Friday at 6:30....would love to see you ladies!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Months Old

I got a little sad yesterday realizing this baby boy of mine was 10 months old!  So much of him is still "baby"  but he is changing and growing so much!
  • Evan weighs about 17 lbs.
  • Evan wears size 9 month clothes and some 12 month.
  • Evan wears size 4 diapers.
  • Evan wears size 2 shoes...when I actually put shoes on him.
  • Evan is such a cuddly, smiley, happy kid.  He is so sweet.
  • Evan learned to clap this month.
  • Evan is a pro at sitting up all on his own...he can also pull himself to a sitting position if you lean him back.
  • Evan has finally discovered his feet this past month and plays with them a lot more now.
  • Evan is starting to reach for you when you put your hands out to him.
  • Evan is starting to pull up but doesn't quite have enough strength yet.
  • Evan eats...and eats....and eats.  If he sees food, the moaning and shrieking begin until the food is in his mouth.  There is nothing this child doesn't eat (unless not recommended by the doctor).
  • Evan breastfeeds in the morning and afternoon.  Halfway through the month, I cut out breastfeeding at night since we had to supplement anyway with formula.  He has a 6oz bottle at night before bedtime.
  • Evan has had a rash around his mouth since we started formula, so I plan to start Organic Whole Milk this week and cut out formula.  By 11 months, Evan will be weaned and on milk so this is a good start!
  • Evan eats meals when we eat and probably has 2 small snacks in between.
  • Evan doesn't really have a favorite food because he likes them all so very much.
  • Evan still has no teeth...but he sure has gums of steel!
  • Evan showed many signs of teeth arriving soon this past month with a couple fevers, really hot gums and runny noses...but still none has popped through.
  • Evan is still not a fan of tummy time, but we have been able to prop him up on all fours and he rocks.  After a couple seconds he lets his knees slide so he can get down...he is just not a fan.
  • Evan has started to get very frustrated when he can't get what he has his eye on...he some how finds a way to the object...but it is definitely not the easiest way.
  • Evan is an amazing sleeper!  He goes to sleep every night around 7 and wakes up between 6-6:30.  He takes a morning nap for about an hour, an afternoon nap at the same time as Zoe for about 2 hours, and an evening nap for another hour.
  • Evan loves his is his favorite toy and he is constantly reaching for it, putting it in and out of his mouth...and he even likes to throw it over his crib rails.
  • Evan loves to sleep with a blanket....he doesn't prefer one over another...but he loves the comfort!
  • Evan has not really been too big a fan of the pool or fountains.  The pool water is still pretty chilly.  But once he gets used to it, he is okay.  And he did great in the pool floats!
  • Evan is doing great standing up and holding onto something.  He will hold on for a really long time because I think he is scared to fall back...but we have been working on this a lot the last week or so.
  • Evan will switch hands while standing, but will not cruise yet.  It is like his feet are glued and he can't relax!
  • Evan talks and talks....his babbling has definitely increased this month.  He makes all different sounds but mainly "dada" and "baba".  He has a really low voice.
  • Evan loves to sit on the floor and pull everything out of the baskets...he is very grabby and has a really strong grip!  He also loves to grab your glasses off and your hair...not so positive.
  • Evan is really ticklish, especially on his tush.
  • Evan loves his big sister and now they "talk" to one another.  Zoe babbles and babbles to him!  And anytime he smiles and Zoe sees...she takes full credit for making him smile.
  • Evan loves his mommy and crys for me when he sees me...this can warm your heart or be kinda frustrating sometimes.
  • Evan's eyes have gotten darker but they are still hazelish.
Gosh I love this kid so much!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellany Monday

~The Deck~

Our deck is about 60% complete....and I am so excited!  We still need to attach the stairs, railings and finish out the two landings on either side of the main deck.  We are already taking advantage of our outdoor space between rain storms!

This addition is going to be so wonderful once it is complete!  And I can't wait to get started on a project for our existing outdoor furniture!  It is going to be like new when I am done with it!

~Bieber Fever~

I am pumped....I am seeing Justin Biwber January 16th in is going to be amazing!  So excited to share this fun experience with my sweet nieces and SIL.  We have floor seats...yep...and I am pretty sure I am going to have to get my eyes checked before we go so I can see everything clearly.
Who said that just because I am grown up...I have to always act like it....
And Justin's Believe CD comes out in like 7 days....YAY!

And I have two extra floor tickets that we are me if you are interested!

~Country Fresh Foods~

So....I have been on a kick lately.  I have totally limited the amount of packaged, processed foods we keep in our home.  I am buying more produce and trying my best to keep our home healthier.  One of the steps I have taken to help this new kick is to buy our meat in bulk from an Independent Contractor out of Cumming.  After watching Food 101 a couple months back, it sickened me seeing how certain farmers treat their animals...all to make more money.  And we can see it in our meats...chickens are not supposed to be that big people!  I also loved that the meats are going to be delivered straight to my door!!!  But what I think I love more is that the meat are AMAZING!!!  We have not cooked one piece of meat that wasn't above and beyond what we have gotten at the grocery.  So happy with the decision to buy this way!

Next step...farmer's markets!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Quite the Fish

Finally, the weather is warming up enough to go to the pool and swim, swim, swim!  Zoe has gotten so comfortable swimming and she loves being in the water!

 That's cold!!!

 Taking a break for lunch and goldfish!

 And Zoe got really brave and wanted to go off the diving board!
 She needed a little bit of help making the jump...but she came right up giggling and smiling!

I am so happy Zoe loves the water so much...just like Mommy!  We are going to have an awesome summer...swimming away!