Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa came to The Phillips' House

We had such a wonderful Christmas morning...just the 4 of us!

Santa must of thought these kiddos were perfect this year because he left nothing out!

 It was love at first sight!  The kid LOVED his truck!

 And it took all but 5 seconds for Zoe to be stripped out of her pjs and transform into Cinderella!
 And 5 more seconds for her to run to her room and get her Cinderella dolls new best friends!

Time for stockings!  Both the kids got Toy Story stuffed animals, shampoo, body wash, 2 sippy cups and a M&M Candy Cane.

 On to our family gifts....I can't wait until the kids can go shopping for one another and we can have dates to have them pick things out for Mommy and Daddy....all in due time.

We started to get everything ready for breakfast until Zach got on facebook and saw that everyone at my parents' house were already playing cards and he was ready to go!  So we put of breakfast
and headed over to Grammy and Papa's for the rest of the day!

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve began with a yummy breakfast and then it was time to decorate!
 Evan's 2012 Ornament....the kid loves airplanes!  He can even say airplane now!
 Ponchito was able to come celebrate Christmas this year!!!  She hasn't been to GA since Evan's birth it was long overdue and good to spend time with her!

 4 generations...poor Evan is so outnumbered!  Maybe the newest addition to the family will be JOSH!
 Love this picture of Evan and Grammy!
 Let the decorating begin...which means the destruction in Evan's world!

 Our sweet Oliver's hanging this one every year!
 After some relaxing and games, it was time to get ready for Christmas absolute favorite Mass of the year.  This year we went with our entire family, which is so special, to IHM!  The Mass was so beautiful  The choir did amazing singing all the traditional hymns and the sung responses even had a Christmas twist.  It was a truly blessed Mass!

After Mass, we all had dinner together and then it was home to get Santa's snacks ready and off to bed we went!

Christmas Pinterest Challenge!

This year's Pinterest Recipe Challenge, unfortunately, was limited to one Breakfast!  With such busy schedules....Christmas Eve Morning was the only time we could find that all 3 of us would be home at the same time (other than Christmas Day!)

We have a Family Tradition of decorating our parent's tree on Christmas Eve together!  I love this tradition!  Due to crazy schedules and Christmas Eve Mass....we decided to decorate in the morning.  Chrysti, Kaitlin and I gave Mom a break in the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone to enjoy before decorating!  I have to say...even though I didn't try it, Kaitlin's dish was the winner!

No one went say the least!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandaddy's

Every year it is so much fun to head to Rickey and Zelda's for their Christmas Celebration.  I love seeing how much the kids grow and change.  We are so lucky that we get to see all our cousins so often.

 Grandma planned for the kids to play a fun game with marshmallows!  They all had so much fun throwing the marshmallows into the bucket....Katie Beth won big!  And I can't believe Evan didn't try to eat all the marshmallows....

 But Zoe sure took advantage!

 Kendall can never visit without playing Dress Up....Zoe was all for it, too!

 This year we opened presents on Friday night....made for a long night after traveling, but was a lot of fun!

 Zoe and Evan received some really wonderful things and we are grateful to have such a giving family!

 Not sure how much longer we are all going to fit in one room....

 One of the things I look forward to anytime we visit Berry is a lot of down time!  There was lots of relaxing, Hallmark movie watching and eating...and TONS of CUDDLES!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandaddy's was just the beginning of our celebrations!