Thursday, July 7, 2011

34 Week Appointment

Only 5 more appointments left...that is if Baby comes on time! YAY!

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday and actually did see a doctor this time. I wanted to get in earlier in the week and there were no midwives available on Dr. Parks I saw.

I measured at 34 BIG growth spurt. Dr. Parks told me not to worry too much about the ultrasound. She said that because of the position of the baby, it is really hard to accurately measure the head. But everything looked fine compared with the 20 week scan. Good news.

The Baby's heart rate was in the 130s, blood pressure was good, temp good, urine good...all was good this week!

I go back in two weeks for the beta strep test and then every week! I have 2 more midwives I need to meet that could possibly help deliver our Baby #3, so hopefully I will be able to get in with them in the last couple visits.

I am so happy the end is near. I can't wait to meet our newest addition to the family!

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mary said...

i'm thinking boy by the heartrate :)...Joshua's was in the 130's every time!