Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I am Loving!


I am LOVING that Zoe did so great at her last Kindermusik class. Her favorite part is the opening song when we say hello to everyone by either clapping, patting the floor, stomping our feet or waving. She would scream YAY when every song finished! She loves music!

Zoe did amazing during the story. I couldn't believe it! She sat still and as the big kids reacted to the story, she would stare right at them and try to figure out what was going on.

She loved waving the scarves all over the place and seeing herself in the mirror!
At the end of class, Zoe helped "meam up" all of the mats! She is getting so big!

~Pay Day~

I am LOVING that in the month of July, we get 3 paychecks (I get 5) and make an extra House payment...that goes straight to principle!

~BuyBuy Baby~

I am LOVING that a BuyBuy Baby opened in Snellville by my paretns house! Even though I will not need much for Baby #3, I still LOVE looking! There was an adorable onsie that said "If you think I'm sute, you should see my Daddy!" I wish they had it in a t-shirt because I would have totally gotten it! This store is great and so well organized. I LOVE all the fun, creative things people have come up with to make life with a baby easier...half of it is totally not necessary...but it would make somethings easier for sure. The main thing I need to get for this go around is a new breast pump. BuyBuy Baby had the Medela for $279...Has anyone found a better price for this?

~Weight Gain~

I am LOVING that I gained 3 lbs! NEVER did I think I would EVER say this...but I am happy and hopefully the baby grew, too! 6 1/2 weeks left!


Christina said...

Hey Becca. I have the Medela Pump in Style and it's about 30 dollars cheaper on Amazon. Hope that helps!

Joel and Cindy said...

Hey! Someone posted on Twitter they found it fr $260 at Burlington coat factory plus they had a 20% off coupon - not sure where you can find they, but it would be worth checking online and at the store! Good luck :) glad everything is going so well for you!