Monday, June 6, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I survived a very fun play date at the pool today! Zoe is doing great around water! She only fell under 3 or 4 times...and each time came up wide eyed and smiling. Glad it doesn't affect her! There are no pictures, unfortunately. It is rather difficult to watch a fearless fish and take great shots of everyone.

Today is my niece, Ally's, 6th birthday. I love hitting milestones and remembering where I was when something happened. The day Ally was born, I actually got to visit her hours after birth! I was visiting in California at the time while I was in college...she was so little and it is amazing to see where she is now! She is quite a say the least. Zoe and I called this morning to wish her a good day and she called back and left a message. In the message, she detailed everything she received as a gift from her family and what food she ate and then she said "And I hope you have a very good day with Zach and Zoe and I hope your baby comes out of your belly some day....okay bye!" Love it!

We have a busy week full of fun, INDOOR, things to do with Zoe! Tomorrow, we start our Kindermusik classes, which I am very excited about, and last for the next 4 weeks! Thursday, Zoe and I and The Fisher Ladies are heading to Imagine It, Atlanta's Children's Museum, to take advantage of half price entry and the Imaginators performing their Under the Big Circus Top program.

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momofbugs said...

I am glad she left you a good message. She always cracks me up. She told her friend Emily tonight on the phone that she is embarassed to talk to it! She loved hearing you sing to her in your message. I think Zoe has as much personality as Ally does but that is what makes them so much fun!