Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Party at The Koerner's

The Koerner's had a get together to celebrate the weekend and we had a great time! There were kids everywhere and little newbies too!
Ms. those cheeks! The Femiano's and their beautiful little Brooke!
Enjoying the fresh air and a cold drink....just a little bit jealous!
Time to play on the slide.
Which became a water slide because it was so hot!
Greg can't help but give hugs and kisses to Zoe...
Ms. Gianna!

The little newborns...Brooke is 6 weeks and Gianna 4.
Party Time at the Water Table!

Thanks for a great time Koerner Family!!!

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Mommy Alyshia said...

Zoe's face in the water table pictures is HILARIOUS!! Love it!! And...what's with my child's creepy/scary/funny face with the bottle top? He's weird! :-)