Monday, June 27, 2011

Miscellany Monday

~ Ultrasound~

We had our ultrasound this morning....8:10 to be exact....which was HORRIBLE planning on my part. I worked until 2:00a this morning....Atlanta morning traffic...Zoe sleeps in past 8a on a normal day...but it all went perfectly! Praise God! I made muffins for breakfast, got us both dressed and out the door by to 85 S....saw there was RIDICULOUS glad I know ways around this and we still got to the appointment right on time!

It is so amazing seeing your Baby! At this point, the baby is SO big on the screen. We got to see a perfect profile....beautiful thin lips, full cheeks, its little hands right by its face! The baby is in fetal position with its knees under my belly button and, like always, moving like crazy! The technician pointed out its full bladder, which means the kidneys are working well. And one of the most beautiful things for a Mother to see...a beating heart! The heart rate was 147, perfect! After all the measurements were taken, we discussed goods and bads. The baby's head measured big...34/35 weeks...and its arms and legs measured short...31 weeks. She said we would probably have a short baby...Have y'all seen surprise! She added that the measurements can be off by up to 2 weeks. So, I think everything went okay. From here, the measurements from today will be compared to the measurements at our 20 week scan and I will know more at my 34 week appointment next week.

My mom and my sister were able to go with me since Zach couldn't. I think they really enjoyed getting to see the baby since this was either their first ultrasound or first is a long time! I greatly appreciated their support...because nerves can creep in easily! All in all, I think it went well...we will see at my appointment.


I had a great, relaxing Birthday. My girlfriend, Danielle, hosted a Tupperware party on Sunday. So on my birthday, I got to spend time with many of my great friends! Then my other friend, Katie, treated me to a wonderful pedicure! So relaxing! I got to have dinner (totally rushed) with my family before heading to work for the night. Luckily, we are really celebrating my Birthday today! My mom has a wonderful dinner planned that is going to be AWESOME! Steak, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, artisan bread and oils, wine (only one glass...its my birthday!) and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert! YES PLEASE! Why do I love food soooo much!!?!?


We are almost to July, the last full month before Baby #3 will make its debut! Hallelujah! I am hoping it goes quickly and I will have the energy to keep us going like we did in June. I have a feeling we will be slowing down though. I am very much looking forward to my nesting weekend! My list is growing and growing, but I know I will be able to quickly check things off with an empty house. We also get to celebrate my nephew, Carson's, 2nd birthday at the end of the month! I can't believe time flies the way it does!

~Zoe Zoo~

With every new day, there is something added to my Zoe's vocabulary or something new that she does that just makes us all laugh hysterically. Zoe loves to say "No Way!" no longer is just "no". Zoe says "please" and "thank you" so well and we are always getting compliments about how polite she is. She can really communicate to us what she wants better now and she gets frustrated very little...we still have the occasional tantrum, but it lasts 2.5 seconds and usually means she is ready to take a nap.

I do believe Zoe is almost grown out of two naps. I can still work it in, but she is okay with only one. If we have a 1 nap day, she goes down about 11:30-12 and sleeps for almost 3 hours. Zoe is doing amazing in her new room and big girl bed. The transition was effortless and I really hope this is an indication that other milestones could be just as potty training! Zoe still loves her Minnie in the morning and is obsessed with saying Elmo (a million times) if she sees him anywhere. She still has never seen an episode of Sesame Street which I think is so funny. I can only imagine her reaction when she finally does!

Zoe runs everywhere and LOVES to be outside. her favorite thing is to push her stroller up and down the driveway and draw with chalk all over everything; the cement, the cars, the chairs, the house...everything! Zoe has such a fun, little giggle that I love! She is quite the little toddler...I just love her so much!

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Candace said...

Happy {day late} birthday! I didn't get around technology yesterday in order to send you well wishes. Hope everything is wonderful tonight as you celebrate. Glad to hear you feel confident about the ultrasound too!