Friday, June 17, 2011

Reality Check!

Reality is really setting in on a couple of issues in life right now....

We only have 8 more weeks until Baby #3 arrives...and I have so much to do! We have a cute, little home...and in order to make our home not feel any smaller, I need to take full advantage of what storage space we have and really get organized! We are not using our space wisely right now. Come August, I need everything to have its own place...I need bills to be to be out of our living room....clothes to be off the floor....I NEED organization!

And so I have started to make my "to-do" list....and I can't wait to check things off. Top on my list is finding a great storage unit for Zoe's room so we can organize her clothes and toys. I cannot have her toys in the living room anymore...playtime will be in her room! I have also bought a new filing cabinet. When Zach and I first got married and joined our accounts, I was able to fit all of our bills in a file box. Well...not anymore! I feel like bills sit on top of the box now becuase it is too small to hold more. I am the one who does our finances and it is really important for me to have everything in its place so if there is ever an issue, I can find things fast! Answer to issue was a filing cabinet! Another place for organizing is our closets...ALL OF THEM! Our spare room closet will now be used for Baby #3 so all that is in there needs to be moved out....and I need to figure out where it is going to go! Hall closets are cluttered and need to be orgnaized and things need to be thrown away. It is amazing how things can just get thrown into places and how much "stuff" we hold onto for no reason. It is going to feel so good to clean all this up! I am hoping to have a Nesting...Clean House...weekend when Zach and Zoe go to his parents house in is a MUST!

Like I said before...I am going to be delivering a baby in 8 weeks (maybe sooner...maybe later). First go around, there is a lot of " don't know what to expect...I have no idea what this is going to be like." Well this time around....I DO know what it is going to be like!!!! As much as I look forward to it, it is also something that makes me cringe. Oh the pain! forget the intensity and how much it ACTUALLY forget very quickly because you have this absolutely gorgeous, gift from God in your arms! And you don't dwell on the pain...but it is not far from the front of my mind these days knowing that it is all going to happen again!

One thing I am very happy about is...I feel like I now know ways to help move labor along. I labored with Zoe for a little over 20 hours....12 hours were intense, real pain! YIKES! I am hoping to at least cut this time in half...but I will be happy to even labor 1 hour less! I want to keep moving...stay with the contractions! I have been talking to my midwife, emphasizing to her that I will need her help...that I want her present when she can be! With Zoe...I really don't remember a nurse "helping us" and definitely didn't see my doctor's face until it was time to push. Luckily, I have the most wonderful husband...who literally goes through labor WITH me. He is vital for my success and I couldn't dream of doing the whole labor and delivery thing without him.

Once we get past the whole delivery thing...and welcome our Baby #3 into the world....I want to RUN! I may not at first...of course...but come 6 weeks post delivery...I am hitting the pavement. I know it will start with walking and progress but I am excited....and nervous! Zach and I have signed up for the Rock n' Roll Savannah Half Marathon in November. The race is about 12 weeks after due date. I am obviously not going to be sitting on my bottom for the whole 6 week recovery...I will have a soon-to-be 2 year old...lets be real! I am hoping to be able to RUN with 6 weeks left to the race. And I do believe 6 weeks will be plenty of time.

My nerves are not about the race...finishing the race...running the whole My nerves are about my milk supply and running! With Zoe, I started running about 6 weeks after birth. Zoe was born in March, we were running 10 miles and by April, I ran a half marathon....and said goodbye to my milk about 1 month later!

Now, from everything I am reading....running and breastfeeding are fine...just make sure to feed before a run, stay well hydrated, eat well and wear a great, supportive bra. But, everything from my past says...Hold Up! At Zoe's 6 month check-up, the doctor informed us that my milk was supplying Zoe with no nutrients...she was in the 3% for weight...and my heart broke! I completely blamed myself for her state and figured the loss of nutrients was due to my running. Well, come to find out a little bit later....I was pregnant and this was probably why the calories were gone and my milk was drying up. One thing I do think the exercise brought on was my ability to ovulate causing me to get pregnant and then getting pregnant caused my milk to dry up....this is just what I think.

So...lessons to take from the past....if I am going to exercise the way I hope to....I need to really watch the signs my body gives me to let me know it is fertile! As much as I LOVE my babies...I need a BREAK! And if I can breastfeed Baby #3 until at least 6 months...I will be one happy Mama.....longer would make me one REALLY happy Mama!

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Christina said...

Good luck with the organizing! Sounds like the nesting instinct is definitely kicking in! Quick tip in case you're interested... We have a small apartment too so I started reading the Fly Lady Book and reading her web site online to keep my house clean and organized. She recommends doing a "27 Fling" every day which is going through your house and tossing 27 things you don't need. I was amazed in my small 2 bedroom apartment how much stuff I got rid of and how much more space I had. It really helped!