Friday, June 10, 2011

Imagine It!

I love a great deal! Imagine It had half price admissions after 2pm this past month, so of course, I took advantage! And Zoe had a great time...and I loved watching her play in the air conditioning! Cannot get cooled off these days.

I am so happy The Fisher's were able to come too! Seeing our little girls together just makes me so happy!
This was Zoe's favorite part. This was a magnet board that you place the gears on and watch them spin...she loved taking them off and putting them back on...over and over.
Zoe is getting so big and independent. She just goes where she pleases and doesn't need much help getting to where she wants to go.
Time to go grocery shopping!
For some reason, I thought my camera would make it with only one bar...well it lasted about 30 mintues :( So I didn't get to capture all the fun things the museum had to offer. There also was a water area with fish and fishing poles and the cutest little water jackets for the kids to wear. Zoe and Ella really loved the Paint Wall! So much that paint was everywhere...faces, clothes, all over their hands...and a little bit of paint made it to the wall. We had some tired girls on the way home...a peaceful car ride was great!

Last night, Zach had his mind set that Zoe would be sleeping in her new bed. And she did! I checked on her when I got home from work and she was all snuggled up, sound asleep. She looks so small in her big girl bed....but she did great! We laid down pillows and had a laundry basket for her to climb up and down on....she didn't need them! Best Part: I got to sleep until 9:30 this morning...she just loved being in her new bed she played this morning and didn't make a peep.
Zoe had to make sure all her friends were in her new bed with her and in the perfect places!
Kisses night, night!

(And you get a little sneak peak into her new bedroom color! Still collecting accessories and figuring out storage...I hope this room is done very soon!)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Zach is off and I am so happy!

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