Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Lake Oconee

Sunday after Mass, we headed to Lake Oconee for the remainder of the long weekend. To say we had fun is quite an understatement! We had an absolute blast and cannot wait to go back and spend another weekend away!
Here is our view! Love the Lake!
Baby Girl was so exicted. She saw the water right when we got there and just screamed "wa wa"! She was ready to dive right in.

Totally a fish out of water.

After playing in the lake for awhile, we relaxed with popcorn and some "Minnie!"
Once Zoe Zoo was in bed for the night, right back out to the dock we went! The boys had fun seeing who could jump the easily amused...
And then we all conitued to enjoy the relaxation!
Monday morning started with a great boat ride...Zoe's first. We enjoyed it so much!

So much that she took a nice little nap!
Someone looks absolutely perfect in the driver's seat...dreams...dreams...maybe one day!
Loving our hair blowing in the wind!
Zoe was ready for a now we can have some fun going a little bit faster. Zach braved the tube....needless to say....he quickly realized he is no longer 16.

Hold on Tight!
That's gotta hurt! Love of my life! So blessed by this man each and every day!These two make me the happiest woman in the world! Can't imagine life getting much better than this....that is until Baby #3 arrives!

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The Sweet Life said...

That last picture is soo sweet. I love it.