Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I am Loving

Yes, I am a day behind...what a jam packed day we had yesterday! But I am still LOVING so much!

~Whishy Washy~

Zoe and I headed to Kindermusik class on Tuesday and she LOVED it this week! She did so much better...she definitely recognized the music from us listening this past week! Grammy was able to come with us and it was such a help! As much as I don't mind Zoe running around during the class...I still have to run after her, so it was nice having an extra pair of legs! But she didn't run as much this week! Yay! Zoe's favorite part of the class are the songs that include "Whishy, Washy...WEEEE! She loves to scream Weee! and raise her hands! I am LOVING doing all these fun activities with Zoe. She is so fun to watch as she interacts with other kids and gets so excited over the smallest things.


Mom and I headed up to Covecrest to visit Kaitlin for lunch yesterday. I LOVE Covecrest! Covecrest is always full of calm and peace and lots of hugs....everyone hugs and I LOVE it! It is so inviting and such a place full of LOVE! We went to lunch at Grapes & adorable cafe in Downtown Clayton. Zoe had so much fun (minus the car rides...horrible!) and LOVED seeing her Taty Taty....we call Kaitlin KK, but she says it this way.

~Sleep Tight~

We finished our bed and it is all in place. And I LOVE how it turned out! We ended up doing the paint color a little bit whiter than an antique white, but I like how it contrasts with the wall color and now I can do some great white accents to really tie the room together.

I LOVE our bedding too! It is calm and neutral...something that Zach doesn't hate and that is a plus. I can't wait to get accessories and organize! I finally feel grown up!


I am LOVING that I have less than 60 days left until Baby #3 arrives! And I am LOVING that our time is going to fly with all the fun things we have planned for the rest of the summer. We have a wedding, 2 Baptisms, 2 Birthday Celebrations, a trip for Zach and Zoe to Grandma's, a weekend of Nesting for me, Kindermusik classes, Toddler Times, doctor visits....and whatever else we can fill our time with!


Hollyhand House said...

The bed looks great! Glad Zoe is liking Kindermusik!

Phillips Family said...

Oh I love the bed and bedding! Makes me want to re-do mine too! No such luck!

momofbugs said...

Great job on the bed!!!! Does look good!!! Love, Mommy