Saturday, June 25, 2011

33 Weeks!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks!

Size of Baby: This week Baby #3 is supposed to weigh a little over 4 pounds (heft a pineapple) and should have passed the 17-inch mark...but as of last Thursday at my appointment, I still measured 30 weeks...meaning there has been no growth in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Due to this, the Midwife insisted we have an ultrasound done to measure the baby and check everything out. Monday morning we will be going in and seeing our little bundle of joy...even though the reasons aren't all that positive...I am so excited to see the baby AGAIN!

Weight Gain: weight gain, which makes sense since there has been no growth with the Baby.

Maternity Clothes: Same old, same old. I wore the dress I got to the wedding and baptism this weekend...I felt HUGE! I bought a large and definitely should have gotten a just didn't fit right. Oh Well.

Gender: All these ultrasounds really make it hard to keep this little one's gender a secret....but I just remember the moment when my husband told me who are little one was and we held each other and cried staring at our beautiful daughter....and it makes it a little bit easier. So worth the wait!

Movement: Movement has slowed down, but they are strong! Baby #3's back is going up my right side and it is hard as a rock. You see my whole right side go up and down...I love it! Lots of movement low! I have never felt movement like that before...I mean the movements are REALLY low!

Symptoms: Not many this week...YAY! Lots of bathroom runs...many more compared to last week. I had a leg cramp almost every morning...but I think these help learn to breathe through pain and relax...good for labor. My hubby made his first preggo craving run! And he got me these...YUM!
This run was made after I ate a huge plate of food at a Baptism reception and a big plate at a Wedding (extra meat) and two servings of CAKE! Maybe this means the baby is growing! I can't get full!

Best Moment of the Week: We had a great time getting our maternity pictures done and I can't wait to see how they turned out...No they aren't posted yet :( Robyn went out of town this weekend and she said she was going to try and get a sneak peek up before she left. I guess she ran out of time. So hopefully early this week we will get to see!

I just love pictures so much and I really wanted to document me pregnant! Yes, there are times when I feel like a whale and wonder when my face got so round and catch myself eating a whole bag of chips and cringe...but I also feel at times like I glow and I look at my growing tummy and could cry because I am so overwhelmed with happiness and I feel a kick and I stop whatever I am doing and talk to my little one. The joys of pregnancy far outweigh the less attractive details for me....and I want this documented. Being pregnant these last 3 years, minus about 6 months, have been some of the most wonderful months of my life, even though some were harder than others. I want to always remember this time of my life!

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Phillips Family said...

Hope everything will be ok, probably not a big deal, as long as you measure within 2 inches of how many weeks pregnant you are, and since they wouldn't change your due date back in the beginning (I think they have you like a week ahead, right?), I don't think there is anything to worry about.