Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellany Monday

~Maternity Photos~

We have our Maternity Photo Session scheduled for next week! We decided to go with a woman who specializes in Maternity and Newborn Photography this go around. This will probably be our only Maternity Session, no matter how many more babies we I want them to be very classy! I am loving photos in silhouette! I am hoping we can get some great ones like these....

~Home Decor~

Today was a very successful shopping day for our house! I got comforters for Zoe's duvets and pillows for our list is still very long....but it is getting checked off...each check. I do believe our bed will be done this week. We had to delay painting because of the I have been spraying here and there when I can. They are almost done and I can't wait to get our bed all together! It is going to make a big difference! Cory also brought over a saw this weekend, so Zach can now finish the baseboards in the bathroom...and then I just have to get some towels and a mirror and it is ALL DONE! I feel like we have a million little projects that just need to get done already! I am opening nesting with open arms...


I swear this morning the baby was laying sideways, head to my left hip and butt to my right. However the Baby was positioned was the most uncomfortable I have ever felt pregnant. It literally hurt to anything but stand. I eventually was able to push the baby a little bit to move and find a comfortable position on my left side (this never happens)...and all was better in the world again. To say that this pregnancy is different is quite an is like night and day!

~Guess Who~

Don't forget to make your guesses on Baby #3's pool!

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Cant wait to see them!! I know they will be great!