Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I am Loving!

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~The Voice~

I am LOVING The Voice on NBC. This past weekend Zach had to work, so I was home alone with My Zoe Zoo and to my great surprise...there was a marathon of The Voice on E! I had already seen the auditions, but hadn't seen the battle rounds since my schedule changed to Tues/Thurs. So I caught up during nap time and I am obsessed! Totally TEAM ADAM! My favorite is the country boy from Texas! I hope he wins...can't remember his name, of course!

~My Baby~

I am LOVING my crazy, little Zoe! She often times gets bored in her seat and decides to take her hairband out....and this is the result. Love her!

~Bye, Bye Bugs~

I am LOVING that today Arrow Exterminators are out to spray are house and yard. We have a HUGE yard....and I am pretty sure it is a mosquito The Ritz of the Mosquito world. They love our yard and they love me and Zoe! This hotel is closed...bye, bye bugs!

~Beautiful Reminders~

About 4 weeks after I delivered Oliver, I ran into my delivery nurse while I was working. Seeing Amy took me by complete surprise that was awkward because I didn't know if she would remember me and heart breaking because of how and why we met....but seeing her reminded me of my baby boy...and for that I was grateful! Since then I have seen her probably one other time at work, but because my schedule is now later at night...I never see her. Let me say this...I LOVE Amy...a different kind of love, obviously, but I do. She was a comfort during a very hard time. She was calm and nurturing, loving and had a beautiful peace about her during my son's delivery and my recovery. Amy soothed me and hugged me while I cried...she took pictures for me...she touched my heart in a way I will never forget. I am so grateful to her and thankful for her! So seeing her brings back a flood of emotions. I saw her yesterday and for the first time the only emotion I felt was joy!

I struggled a lot this week with my emotions and Oliver. still be so emotional...but it comes and goes in waves. I looked at his pictures a lot this week...spoke to him more in my prayers, kissed his little urn more than usual....and then I got to see Amy. I LOVE God's little reminders of my Oliver that He sends to me! Amy and I had a great, quick conversation. She asked about our Baby on the Way and told me her last name. She asked me to ask for her when I came in for delivery. BLESSED! She made my day in that moment. How beautiful would it be for Amy to help deliver our Little #3!

Then this morning, I get a phone call from my sister, Kaitlin. During Oliver's pregnancy, she was my prayer warrior as I always referred to her. She had so many people praying for our family and one of them was a priest in Buffalo, NY. He had his congregation praying for us and lifted Masses up for us throughout last summer. Well, this priest has been at Covecrest for the last couple weeks with Kaitlin. He went up to her and told her that he continued to pray for us and that he had a dream about me...never have we met. He dreamt that I was filled with joy in my womb (who dreams these things!). Kaitlin said..."ya she is pregnant, due in August....Did I not tell you?" Well, she had never told him this news. Beautiful Reminders of the love our God has for us and reveals to us in His His ways!

I can't help but be so grateful for my Oliver....without him....I would not have the Baby I have now within me...growing and squirming...perfect in every way. Oliver taught me to not take things for cherish things differently than I did before. He will always be a Beautiful reminder to me of God's Love!

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Isn't Fr. Paul amazing??? He was constantly checking in on me at camp this week and reminded me that I have two guardian angels right for me and one for baby :) LOVE!