Monday, June 6, 2011

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 Weeks!!!

Size of Baby: Baby #3 weighs about 3 pounds and is about 15 inches long (about the size of a head of cabbage)!

Weight Gain: +22...steadily growing! If I gain a pound a week...I will end up being 25 pounds lighter with Baby #3 at delivery than I was with Zoe...that would be awesome! But then I have to take into account swelling...which was horrible with Zoe. I literally lost 30 lbs at delivery. Praying swelling stays to a minimum!

Maternity Clothes: I am loving this dress! Zach and I have a wedding to go to on the 25th and I thought this dress would be perfect...and I could possibly wear it for some of our maternity photos if I like it on. It is at Motherhood Maternity, so I am hoping to swing by and try it on!
Other than that....same old, same old.

Gender: I daydream a lot these days about who this little one is. I think about how awesome it would be to have 2 little girls! How much I would love for Baby #3 to be a girl and Zoe and her grow up so close in age. How they would share everything growing up and just love one another (remember...this is my dream!) and grow up to be best of friends! How they would have Daddy & Daughter dates with Zach and get all dressed up for a special night. I dream about tea parties and dress up...but then I think about Baby #3 being a Boy. My dreaming typically stops because I have no idea what boys are like! I am 1 of 3 boys! But I do love thinking about Zach having a little buddy following him around everywhere he goes. Zach being able to take him to play golf and ride around all day on Daddy's course. Zach and his little mini me (because we all know these kids probably will not look like me) doing boy things like fishing and hunting together, going to Alabama games and having a Little Braves Fan....I love the idea of raising a Football player and hearing his name (a great name by the way) over the loud speaker at the games! Let's just say....there is a lot to look forward to....either way!

Movement: I can definitely tell this week that Baby #3 is quickly running out of space...only 10 weeks left! I don't feel like this baby is as high up, probably the affects of gravity, because I can still breathe easy (most of the time). Most full body movements are low and jabs are higher or in my mid tummy. Praying this baby turns head down soon...making its way down for delivery!

Sleep: Better this week....I just have to have the fan on high and a foot or half my body out from under the covers....I am one hot Mama! The summer heat is coming on strong this year....and I am already hot without it! The other day I asked Zach if it was hot in the house because I was on my way to turn down the thermostat....he said NO, it was too cool! It totally made me think of Father the Bride 2 and the preggos being sooo hot and George all bundled up with a cold. Love that movie!

Symptoms: I will be saying goodbye to pizza for the next 10 not worth it due to the way it made me feel on Friday. I had a fun Friday planned with a picnic in downtown Lawrenceville and they were having live music....but it all got ruined because I literally could not leave the house until 1pm because I was so sick! Not my cup of tea or how I want to spend my days!

I feel like I always talk about the negative symptoms...most are just because the way being preggo makes you feel is so different than the way you normally feel....but there are good too! My hair is no longer oilyy. I can shower one day, blow dry....sleep....and then still be able to where it down, straightened, the next....great perk! And my hair has quit falling out as much! Definitely a positive! My belly button is almost totally flat...mine doesn't pop....just flattens to a smooth surface. Also being preggo has helped my tanning...due to the increase in blood flow, I guess, I haven't had to stay out long to get some color!

Best Moment of the Week: This week Zoe was laying on me during our Minnie time in the morning and Baby #3 kicked her face....she got up and looked at me, all confused! It was so precious that she felt her brother or sisiter!

Another great moment was that I filled out our Hospital Paperwork for delivery! SO CLOSE! Only 10 weeks to go!


Phillips Family said...

About boys: I love to watch Carson follow Cory around in the yard, he thinks his Daddy is so cool. Boys are rough, roudy, and always on the go; but are SO sweet at the same time. Either way it will be wonderful.

KIMI said...

If you have a boy, we can learn together! I feel you on the summer heat. I sleep most of the night with NO covers! July is going to be a long month:)

Hollyhand House said...

I like that dress too! Very cute!! Also, I think boy or girl will be fantastic and there will be great perks to either one. :)

The Sweet Life said...

You look great. Boy or girl...they will be so lucky. You guys are great parents.