Tuesday, May 31, 2011

29 Weeks

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Size of Baby: Baby #3 weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and measures about 15 inches long (size of a butternut squash). Baby #3 continues to mature in the lung and muscle departments and its head is getting larger in order to hold its growing brain.

Total Weight Gain: +21

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, just sticking to me comfy pants, maternity bathing suit and tank tops. I am starting to think about what I want to wear for our Maternity session though! I can't imagine how much more I am going to grow in the 4 weeks before it!

Gender: Still a secret after our scan on Saturday....although I swear I saw something in the video when we watched it back after the scan. So...I will not be watching the video again and no one else will either...pictures only!

Movement: Movement is slowing down....less rolling, wave like feelings...more intense jabs. On Friday, Baby #3 changed positions from where it was at our doctor's appointment. By Saturday, the baby was in a ball completely on my left side....OUCH! I just wanted to tell the Baby..."You have a whole right side to be in...use your space wisely!" Lots of pressure and cramps. You can tell though that the Baby is outgrowing its space.

Sleep: Let's say it was bad. I tossed and turned a lot this week and that is getting really hard to do. I had more interrupted sleep for potty runs and had a hard time getting comfortable.

Symptoms: It is amazing how in a pregnancy, a week can change everything! I went from very few mild symptoms to so many I can barely remember them all...I started having more reflux and now have heartburn as well. The gasiness is back...not a fan! I have had a couple leg cramps because I think I need to drink more water. The Baby has moved on up in my torso...so breathing has become a task. Getting a full breathe takes skill at times. Swelling has also started to make its presence known more. And I got backed up again...Yay...but even with all these things that remind me my body is not my own...not in the slightest...I would change nothing to have this little one in my arms! *Just remembered...I started to lactate too...changes are happening.

Best Moment of the Week: This is easy! Our scan!

Seeing the Baby in 3D is a piece of cake, 4D was much harder, but once you get used to it you can pick things out faster. Like I said, the Baby was all on my left side in a ball. My placenta was towards the front of my stomach, in front of the Baby, so the technician had try to work around it to get a good shot. It was so amazing though! Baby #3 had its hand in front of its face majority of the session. You could see the movement of the baby's mouth in both 3D and 4D and we got some great smiles :) In some of the pictures you can see a mass in front of the face, that is the baby's knee and leg. It was so wonderful getting to see this little one...count its fingers and toes...see that everything looks great and we have a beautiful baby making it's arrival very soon! We still are thinking boy after the session and I think I lost on the Baby looking like me...but I don't think Baby #3 looks like Zoe from these pictures compared to her newborn pics. We will see though!!!!


Hollyhand House said...

How sweet! So glad you were able to get a 3D/4D scan!! I still think boy for you too...but what do I know since I was wrong on mine! :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet! it's just amazing seeing that 4d scan..i say boy :)

momofbugs said...

Picture number 2 looks like Ally with that pout. Love Love Love Love number 3 with the smile so precious. I thought I saw something in Ally's ultrasound too but I was wrong...I can't wait to see what this one is. Rylee's 3D was done at 18/19 weeks and there is a huge difference. We didn't have to fight knees infront of the face but you can see your babies face so much more. How wonderful!