Friday, September 30, 2011

Fridays with Fr. Mike: What Are You Working For?

Go ahead....Listen to Homily

This homily was from two weeks ago...but I loved it and wanted to share it even though it wasn't from this past week. 

I have asked this question so many times and never really gotten an answer until now...or maybe this is an answer that finally made sense to me!

Why go to Church?  Can't I have a relationship with God, with Jesus, without going to Mass?  Why be a part of the Church?

Fr. Mike spells it out with 4 short reasons:

-By being in the Chruch, by working in the vineyard, you gain wisdom....and becuase of this wisdom, I am now changed and someone who is different...simply by being in the Church!

-You can make a change...I can make an impact somehow.

-You become part of a Community...we are closer when we work together and serve together.

-When you are in the Church, when you go to Mass or Service, when you spend time in the Church and work, You get to know your instructor, have spent time with him!  You become friends! 

Once you love wish you had loved them sooner!  Once you love and have a relationship with'll wish you had known Him sooner!  So very true!!!

Hope you enjoyed Fr. Mike's Homily, too.  See you again soon!

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