Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bring on Fall..

One of our family's absolute favorite things about Fall is having a fire in the fireplace!  Once cool weather hits...Zach immediately says "You want a fire?"  We just love them.  They are so comforting and my our house feel SO homey!  So yesterday morning when Zach got home from a fire was the first thing he did!

Zoe Jane was so excited to help Daddy bring in the wood for our fire!  She is such a great helper.

 Can you tell he was a little bit excited!?!
 Evan was pumped, too!

Yes, we may have had to open every window because it got just a little hot in the living room...but it was so worth the ambiance!  Welcome Fall....We sure do love to see you!


crystal hollyhand said...

I laughed as I read this because we definitely had the ac on all day!!

MellyB said...

Just found your blog, too cute! I'm pretty much seething with jealousy over her. Seething because that's is kind of the natural reaction to 100 degree weather. My fireplace is crying out of boredom.