Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday with Fr. Mike

Yes...I know it is Saturday...but I wanted to tell you about something I am going to start doing every Friday.

I love Kaitlin's persistency!  About a year ago, Kaitlin told me about an awesome podcast that she knew I would enjoy and that maybe even Zach and I could listen to together.  "Thanks Kaitlin, I will do that when I have a second."  A year later and after many more reminders from her...I listened and I love...persistency is key sometimes! 

Drum Roll Please....Allow me to Introduce you to Fr. Mike Schmidt!

Fr. Mike is the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota and the chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota—Duluth.

Not to mention an amazing speaker who I could listen to over and over...and do!  So, I am also going to share Fr. Mike with you!  Every Friday, I am going to put up a link to Fr. Mike's latest Homily or one from the past and talk about how it has affected me, encouraged me, what I got out of it...whatever I want to write really.  If you end up liking Fr. Mike's Homilies as much as I do, you can go to Itunes and subscribe for FREE to his podcasts. 

Right now if you click on the title to this post, you will be directed right to his homilies on the UMD Newman Center's Website.  If you want to take Fr. Mike on the go like I do....great podcast for a run or walk to or for a car ride...go to ITunes and type in UMD Newman Catholic Campus Ministry in the search bar. 

Go check out the website and maybe take a listen!  Enjoy and see you next Friday!

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