Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Year!

I feel like a new year begins in September rather than January.  September is when everything gets started again after the Summer, Football Season starts, Zach's busy season ends, school starts back, groups start meeting again....and when our calendars become so full...we wonder if we are going to sit down until after the holidays.  With that being said....I LOVE FALL!  Because of hectic schedules, I am big on staying organized.  I love writing things down and seeing them on the calendar so I had to get this...
Yes....I fell into the trend.  This always happens!!!  Being a part of the blog world doesn't help either!  But, I did it and my Erin Condren Notebook Calendar will be sent out tomorrow and hopefully arrive by Saturday!  To say that I am excited is not sufficient.  I feel like I need to go get a special pen to only use on my new calendar....yes...I am being serious!

A good calendar is absolutely necessary though for our family.  I had a great calendar last year that really helped me stay organized with our bills and events of the year.  It used a different sticker for each type of bill, had plenty of space for notes, had a section for budget and was visually pretty.  I know it sounds adolescent, but I need something visually stimulating...and this way works great!

So when I saw this calendar...I immediately fell in love.  I know it is going to be a great way for me to stay organized for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012.  My previous calendar was a normal sized calendar...big and bulky and stayed in our closet until I was ready to pay bills or write down an event.  I love that my new calendar can fit into the diaper bag and go with us where we go.  Now that our family is growing and our schedules are getting a little crazier, I love that I will have a way to keep everything together by my side! 

Not to mention, this calendar is totally adorable.  I personalized ours with our names which makes me even happier and changed the colors from all blues and greens to multi colored!  The notebook calendar I got includes a laminated cover, a binder clip for easy page flipping, double page month-at-a-glance this month + following 12 months, 70 lined pages and 70 blank pages for jotting notes or ideas, 120 special event stickers, 120 blank sticker, flat zip lock pouch for coupons, receipts, photos, and "keep it together" folder for loose papers!  I can't wait for my new notebook to arrive and for me to start getting organized for the Fall and coming year!

I can't believe how fast our Fall has filled up! we go!

September 7- My Dad's Birthday!  Poor thing is on a week long golf "Mancation" to Charleston with all his buddies to celebrate.  Life is rough!

September 9- Oliver's Birthday! 
Free Chick-fil-a Breakfast at 8:30 with friends!  Love Chick-fil-a!

September 10- Alabama vs. Penn State @ 3:30.  Roll Tide!

September 11- Evan is 1 Month Old! 
And I can't believe it has been 10 years since the 9-11 Attacks.

September 13-  Hamilton Mill Library Preschool Storytime.
Rylee's 4th Birthday and Family Celebration!

September 15- Zoe starts Gymboree Classes!
Evan's 1 Month Check-Up. 
Open Gym begins with Daddy at Gymboree after work.
Young Married Ministry starts back at Church!  So excited!

September 16- Game Night!

September 17- Little Mason's 1st Birthday Party.
Zach has the weekend off!
Alabama vs. North Texas @ 7:30.  Roll Tide!

September 18- Baby Shower for Gommy and Baby #2 in Athens!

September 19- 6 Week Check-Up for me!
Let the Training Begin! 3 Miles.
Uncle Shawn's Birthday.

September 20- Mom's Circle meets.  I am really excited to get involved with this ministry and for Zoe to get to play with kids from Church, too!
Open Gym with Daddy at Gymboree.
2 Miles.

September 21- Granddaddy's Birthday!
3.5 Miles.

September 22- Zoe's Gymboree classes in the morning.
Open Gym with Daddy after work!

September 23- Hamilton Mill Library Preschool Storytime.
30 Minutes Cross Training.

September 24- Kendall's 3rd Birthday! Rylee's 4th Birthday Party!
4 Miles.
Alabama vs. Arkansas. Roll Tide!

September 26- 3.5 miles

September 27- Open Gym with Daddy at Gymboree!
2 Miles.

September 28- Aunt Heather's Birthday.
3.5 Miles.

September 29- Zoe's Gymboree Class.
Open Gym with Daddy after work!

September 30- Little Greg's 2nd Birthday Party at Monkey Joe's!
40 Minutes Cross Training.

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Jennifer said...

I got my calendar a few weeks ago and I love it. I opened the box and told my husband "This just makes me so happy!!!" And yes, I had to get a special pen too, so you're not weird.