Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Night!

Friday Night, Zach and I headed to The Stafford's House for Game Night!  Always a wonderful time with great company and yummy food!  And Grammy got some play time with the kiddos!
Inspired by Pinterest....who isn't?....Every couple brought 2 appetizers to share.  It was pretty much amazing!  I have always been one who loves to cook or bake for others....just not on a regular basis.  I had a blast searching for two recipes to bring.  I narrowed it down to.....
Peanut Butter Cheese Ball...I am obsessed with Peanut Butter and it did not disappoint anyone!  The entire ball was gone by the end of the night!  I liked it best with the Granny Smith Apples...eating apples with it makes it healthy...right!?!?
And my second choice for the night was a White Pizza Dip.  Oh man...bring on the calories and yumminess!  I served it with Parmesan Garlic Triscutts and Fritos.  I will be making this again!
And then on to the games...we played couples ping pong.  Let's just say that none of us had actually used a ping pong table to play ping pong in a long time.  Balls were flying everywhere!  So much fun!

Love these ladies so much!  Every time I spend time with them, I just have so much fun!
Zach and I can't wait to host Game Night in October...and I can't wait to see what yummies everyone brings!

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crystal hollyhand said...

I made the pb ball last weekend! It's yummy! Love your shirt! That color looks great on you!