Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Great Day!

A Great Day for Zoe:

Zoe had an awesome day...ideal for any 22 month old really.  She woke up at 8:40am and got to eat a waffle, drink her milk and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a minute before leaving for her first Gymboree Class.

Zoe got to play at Gymboree in her first class.  Today's theme was the ocean.  She got to pretend to go fishing, jump on a cruise boat, ride a big dolphin and sing lots of fun songs.  She had her first experience with a parachute and was obsessed...she went to pull it out again after the teacher put it up.

Zoe got to eat lunch with Daddy and then take a great afternoon nap (wouldn't we all love this).  She then watched some of Tangled before heading to Daddy's work.  Once she was dropped off with Daddy, Zoe got to go play at Gymboree again for open gym.  She had a blast once again!  And after playing, she got to go with Daddy to Chick-fil-a for ice cream!

Zoe got back home to get to play outside, eat dinner and then head to Church to get to play once again in the nursery.  And then home to go night, night.  I mean...a pretty great day...right?!?!

 A Great Day for Evan:

Evan had a great day, too!  He woke up first at 3:30am to eat after sleeping 5 1/2 hours and then went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30am to eat again and got to sleep again!  Evan got to be held during Gymboree and was very patient for class to end for his next feeding, which was 45 minutes late.  Evan and Mommy cuddled a lot while Zoe took her nap!

Evan had his 1 month check up today and minus one went great!  Evan weighs 8lbs 14 oz and is 23%, is 20.5" tall and is 13%, and had a head circumference of 14.5" and is 18%.  Evan eats great and it shows!  All the questions Mommy had about Evan were answered and many worries were calmed.  Evan has slight reflux, nothing needing medication, and Dr. Evans told Mommy how to help these symptoms!

Evan slept a lot, but was awake for about 1 hour between each nap!  He ate, slept and pooped...A great day for Evan!

A Great Day for Mommy:

Mommy's new calendar came in today!!!
 And this made Mommy's day just great!

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Mary said...

how did she like gymboree? let me know how you like that life planner, I was just looking into getting one that can fit in my purse!