Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

~Training Day 4~

Saturday was Day 4 for training and I was to run 4 miles....and then life got in the way!  We had a jam packed Saturday and there was just no time for a run.  I was thinking I might be able to Sunday at the lake, but who was I kidding...running was very far from my mind when I was thinking 100% relaxation.  So Day 4 of training became Monday.  All weekend my left knee was bothering me from my Thursday run....but I was very quick to deny that it was going to be a big deal.  Well it is.  I began my 4 mile run today and after a mile had to turn around.  My body was screaming at me that it is hurting!  Because my left knee was hurting so much, my right leg was trying to overcompensate and started cramping up.  It is really hard when your head is telling you 'yes, you can do this' and your body is telling you 'no, I am not ready'.  Very discouraging, but I am not going to let it bring me all the way down.  Instead of sticking to my running program, I am going to have to adjust until I get stronger.  I thought I would get stronger faster and I am just not....I have too much added weight and it is hurting me.  So I am going to be doing a lot more walking.  I am going to walk the number of miles, rather than run.  I am also going to be doing a lot more strength training until I loose more weight and feel strong enough to pick running back up.  So sad...but it is not worth it to me to hurt myself.


We are exactly 1 week from vacation!!!  I am so very, very excited!  I can just hear Orange Beach calling my name!  Zach's vacation starts on Tuesday so Monday night we are heading down to Tuscaloosa for two days.  I cannot wait to spend Tuesday with Crystal and Anna Riley!  Distance can make friendships harder, but for us, I think we have only gotten blessed!  And then Wednesday afternoon, we head down to Orange Beach!  I can't wait to have nothing planned, no places we need to go....just time with my family!


This year in our Young Married Ministry at Church, we are starting with the Myers-Briggs test.  This test is a very well known instrument that helps people to learn more about their personality type and how it influences different aspects of their life.  Zach and I each took the test and we are going to learn all about our results on Thursday at our meeting.  The main point of this is to see how our personalities affect our marriage....kind of a big deal if you ask me!  I am interested to see what it reveals about each of us.  When taking it, I said this test is making me look like I am OCD and Zach said it made him look like he cares about nothing...hahah....opposites attract I guess.  I love these types of things though.  Last year, we learned so much about each other through our Love we are looking at it through a personality test.  Maybe it will help us work through any issues we might have now or in the future!  I hope so!

~Party Planning~

Zoe Jane's 2nd Birthday Party and Evan's Baptism are offically on the calendar and planning has begun!  I can't wait to celebrate my babies with our friends and family!  November 11th and 12th are going to be here before we know it!  I can't believe Zoe is going to be 2!!!

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crystal hollyhand said...

I can't wait to see you next week!! I love going to the beach in's so peaceful and nice! You deserve a good vacation!