Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training Day 5

We had 3.5 miles on the calendar for yesterday!  And even though we have an injured knee and Zach has a stone bruise in his foot...we put in our miles walking.  It was actually quite enjoyable to exercise as a family rather than tag teaming for once.  It was much easier doing the 3.5 walking, too....much less pain.

My friend Alyshia was so sweet to talk to one of her friends for me that is a personal trainer.  Her friend suggested that I get some KT Tape to help stabilze my knee without rexstricting motion.
She also suggested I do more of a walk/run training program until I have more strength in my knee and loose these unwanted LBs.  Her suggestion was to look up Jeff Galloway and his training programs...his headline on his website is "Run Injury Free"....Yes Please!  I am going to be following the 11 minute mile pace and my ratio for run/walk is 2:30/1 min.  Once I feel stronger...I am going to move more towards a 10 min mile ratio which is 3:00/1.

I hope this all works!!!


Elizabeth said...

As I've been reading your training reports I thought to myself, "I need to tell her about Jeff Galoway" and here you mention it. I used his method to go from couch to half-marathon and to recover from my sprained ankle. I really hated running until I started his run/walk method. It's been great for me! Eric also used it while recovering from some knee injury....

I think there are phone apps you can set to work behind your iPod music that will tell you it's time to run or ou don't have to check your watch a thousand times :)

Good luck! and take care of those injuries :)

Ashlyn said...

I have been training for the Thanksgiving 1/2 and I am using the Jeff Galloway program! I LOVE it and I have never been a long distance runner! I hope it works for you! Just had to tell you that little bit! Hope everything is great with your sweet family! I love seeing every update and new picture!