Sunday, September 11, 2011

1 Month Old

What an absolutely wonderful month we have had with our precious Evan!  Let me tell you all about him!
  • Evan is in size newborn clothes and can wear both newborn and size 1 diapers.
  • Evan eats every 3-4 hours during the day.  He eats great!  When he has a bottle, he eats 4 ounces.
  • Evan has a night feeding before I go to sleep between 10-11pm and then sleeps between 5-6 hours, wakes for a feeding and then sleeps again until the next feeding in the morning around 7am.
  • Evan loves the swing and has started to pay more attention to the mobile rotating above him.
  • Evan spits up often, but there is no pain.  He almost always has a bib on or a burp clothe close by.
  • Evan grunts all.the.time!
  • Evan is very sensitive to certain foods.  I cannot eat anything with tomatoes, no pizza, Italian, salsa.  We have also noticed that caffeine stops him all up, so I have cut coffee out as well.
  • Evan sleeps most of the day still, but he is becoming more and more alert for longer periods of time every day.
  • Evan is swaddled at night.  You can hear him trying to fight it and get his hands, but he has no choice.
  • Evan likes his pacie, but is much more interested in his hands.  We have caught him many times sucking his thumb.  We will see if we have two thumb suckers.
  • Evan loves to be held real tight and likes to have his bottom patted.
  • Evan has really started to smile!
  • Evan loves to lay in bed with us and sleeps so good next to me or Zach.
  • Evan had some pooping problems.  We had to give Evan medicine to help him go for a couple days until we figured out what was causing the problems.  I will surely miss my caffeine.
  • Evan has beautiful coloring, but he has some baby acne and peeling.
  • Evan has dark, blue eyes that are just like Mommy's.
  • Evan has long eyelashes!
  • Evan has pencil thin lips and sucks in his bottom lip so you can never see it.
  • Evan has really small ears that curl.
  • Evan has a Big Sister that loves to kiss him and tell us what she wants done with him.
Who do you think he looks like?
Evan is such a sweet, easy baby.  I can't believe how blessed we are by him and how he has made our lives that much better!  I can't believe how much he has changed and grown already...has it really already been a month?!?


crystal hollyhand said...

I can't believe he is already a month!! I think he is a good combination of you and Zach but he definitely has lots of your features!

Mommy Alyshia said...

I just love him so much! :-)