Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like My Mother Does

Totally started crying today in the car...I usually always listen to The Fish, but today it was on country since my hubby was last in the car.  And this song came on!

Becoming a mother has given me a whole new perspective on my mom and my relationship.  I loved her before, obviously, but I respect her so much more now.  Some of the tough decisions she had to make for me growing up all make sense now.  Some of the things we disagreed on..I get now.  I appreciate all the sacrifices her and my dad made for me growing up and even to this day.  Once you are a mom, you never really loose the title and I understand this more now!  I loved this song because it describes me and my mom perfectly.  

For those of you who know my mom....her laugh is contagious. You can find her in a crowd really fast by her laugh or really just by her voice.  My family has a problem with talking really loud...we need to work on that!

My mom taught me what a good friend is and how to be a good friend by her friendships...I seriously have some of the best people in my life because of the friendships my parents have.  I can't help but want the same for my children!  She is constantly giving me advice in tough situations and she has taught me to give it all in my relationships...she is the reason I love with all I have.

I love the part that says, She's a rock, She is grace, She's an angel, She's my heart and soul, She does it all.  This is my mom in 4 short lines!  She is a constant in a tough world...she is so dependable and such an amazing Mother to me and my sisters and an amazing Grammy to our children!  She would do anything for any of second thoughts!

And then the last line....well that is a given in my case.

I hear people saying
I'm starting to look like my my mother does

I love you, Mom!


Phillips Family said...

Your mom is such a lovely lady, I always enjoy seeing her!

kimberly t. bowling said...

sweet sweet post