Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #10

Project #10 - Lighting Upgrades!

In our old kitchen, we had horrible lighting!  I was determined to change that in our new kitchen.  During the day, it is rare you will see lights turned on in our home.  I am more of a natural light gal.  But when light is needed....especially task lighting in the kitchen...I want lights where they should be!

We started the lighting project back when the ceiling was getting worked on.  We had all the old lighting fixture holes covered up!  The new lighting project started with under cabinet lighting and accent lighting in the glass cabinets. LOVE!

Next up was recessed!  I chose not to have an actual fixture in the kitchen and only recessed lights. The 6 we installed is the perfect amount to light all our critical task areas- pantry, fridge, range, work space on the counter and sink!

 And our new appliances installed really just put the icing on our kitchen cake!
The last light fixture upgrade was in the dining space.  I love drum lights!  A drum light has been on my wish list for a while now and I finally got to check it off.  I am not 100% confident that this one will be staying here.  I love the look, but the scale might be too small for the space.  The amount of light it gives off though is perfect, so we will see.
We would love to upgrade the ceiling fan in the living room...but all good things come to those who wait : /

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