Monday, October 21, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #5

Project #5- Feathering the Floors

Boy am I glad we were ahead of schedule with the demolition because the floors took a lot longer than we had anticipated!

We also totally had the remodel gods on our side when it came to our hardwoods.  When we bought our house about 4 years ago, we had to gut and redo all of the flooring.  We chose a gunstock oak that was on sale at the time at Lowe's (Black Friday Special).  So, of course, we went back to Lowe's when it came time to purchase the hardwoods to fill the spaces where the cabinets and walls were.  Not so simple!  We had bought a very special width, not the standard, board and the company that made our floors is pretty much non existent anymore.  Let the hunt begin!

We first discovered our misfortune at our home Lowe's in Buford.  They had 1 box of our specific hardwoods left wrapped in cellophane in the clearance section that someone had returned!  The sales clerk was great and searched some of their storage area and found one more box!  One positive was that we got each box for $45 (originally $90).  We prayed that these 2 boxes would be enough....ya right!  As Zach started laying, we realized there was no way 2 box were going to be enough.  The search continued to the Lowe's in Stone Mountain, Snellville, Suwanee and Johns Creek!  Thanks goodness between all the stores in our area, we found 3 boxes in the clearance section!  That could have been really bad, but all turned out well and Zach was able to finish the floors with a couple boards to spare!  And because the hardwoods were on clearance...we saved a bundle in our flooring budget!  I am okay with that!

Needless to say with a big remodel going on, we played outside A LOT!  The kids have been so great during this whole process and for that I am beyond grateful!

Zach was able to take a week of his vacation time at the end of September to really knock out some of our bigger projects...thank goodness!  He finished the floors on the first day of his vacation.  The rest of the week was dedicated to the cabinetry because at the end of vacation week, the granite company was coming out to measure the template for our new countertops.  Having a deadline was great....but boy did we work hard on those cabinets until the very last second!

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