Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Been Long Enough...

Helloooo there!  Wow...it has been a while since my last update!  But it isn't because we have just been sitting around and there is nothing fun to update.  Quite the opposite!  I have so much to update, that it overwhelms me and I just have put it off....until now!

Not only have I been loaning my body to the growth of our newest bundle of joy (due in 4 weeks), Zach has taken on a total remodel of our home!  Busy...well that is an understatement!  We are exhausted....but so grateful!

Back in July, Zach and I had a talk about our home and our cars and the big things that need to change adding a 3rd to the bunch.  My Camry ain't no minivan and our home has done great so far, but adding one more body and all that that body entails was another story.  We lacked storage big time and our home was quite closed off, being built in 1985 that is no surprise.  We also had some safety issues that we needed to address with Zach's business equipment and the kids playing outside with a very busy street.  We decided instead of buying a new car that we would make our home more livable for our growing family!  And that is exactly what we have been doing since the beginning of August.

We started by interviewing some general contractors.  We had a vision, but were not 100% sure how to execute.  Our biggest struggle was knocking out a wall between the kitchen and living room to create an open concept living space.  All the contractors were not totally sure the wall wasn't load bearing...but we knew better ;)  We ended up watching a ton of DIY videos on all things home and kitchen remodel and slowly but surely convinced ourselves...WE CAN DO IT!!!

Bye, bye contractors....let the remodel begin!

We were not naive to the size of what we just put on our plates, but we were energetic and ready to work!

And working is what we have been doing since.  I have decided to do a series of posts to show every step of the way.  If you follow me on social media, then you have seen lots of #phillipshomeremodel photos as we go project to project!  On the blog, I hope to recap!

So let's get started!  We hope you have fun watching our home transform as much as we have!

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Jennifer said...

I have been wondering if you were going to blog again. So excited to see all the things you have been doing!