Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Small Things

I cannot believe how many LITTLE THINGS there are in a many!  I feel like they will go on forever.  It is also a domino effect.  When you change and upgrade one makes other things look old or in desperate need of an upgrade as well.

After the granite was installed, all the BIG things in the kitchen were complete to function!  YAY!  We started the small things with the trim around the the existing trim took a beating and I am pretty sure was installed in 1985 with the building of the home.
I also decided that the bead board needed to be extended around the entire peninsula to really finish off the look.  Easy fix!
 But not everything is hard work!  I got to do some shopping which is always fun!
Backsplash!  We chose to go the bead board route because I just love the simplicity of it.  It really achieved the look I wanted!

 Another detail was the hardware and we went with a satin nickel finish.
I love a good deal, especially when it is exactly what you want!  One of those upgrades that was not forseen was the kitchen table.  Changing the layout of the dining space by adding a breakfast bar made our kitchen table just awkward.  It is an older table and really just wasn't going to work with its size and the way the chairs fit with the table.  Functionally though it was fine and I was willing to live with it for the time being.  Then our neighbors were having a moving sale and I headed up to say hi and see what they had....and there it was.  OUR TABLE!  It was simple and just what I wanted.  It has the same rush seating as the stools I ordered for the bar seating and is solid wood so we would be able to refinish it if we ever wanted to change its natural look.

And then the little things continue with the toekick, baseboards, shoe mold, trim, caulking, painting and figuring out the organization of our pots and pans, plates and bowls, tupperware, accessories, etc.  And that is no easy task because a kitchen has to function well!

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